Journalism: Wanted Dead or Dead!

The fear has hit journalism in the face of the reporters who risk their lives in the cities of Mexico. “When we realize that coming out with some kind of information could jeopardize our safety, we use ‘staff’ as the byline, to cover our identities. But we never know where the beast is going to attack”, says an unidentified reporter in Ciudad Juarez. In a job were death threats are the norm, reporters have learned to steer clear from overly aggressive pressing questions.

Recent deaths of journalist is Mexican cities seemed to have been to alert the media, and warn them of treading close on drug cartel waters. “Ciudad Juarez first got worldwide attention because of its high number of femicides. Official figures register more than 400 women killed there since 1993. However, while some of these cases are related to organized crime, just last year, more than 1,500 people were killed in Juarez, and authorities have not found the perpetrators.”

Journalists love their job, love giving back to their community, but they also love their lives. Organized crime has taken over and continues to put lives in jeopardy. Thus forcing reporters to cut down the amount of news they report on relating to drug trafficking and drug cartel involvement. “Attacking freedom of expression by targeting the person of a journalist is extremely grave. We view it with great concern,” said Amerigo Incalcaterra.

It seems that these investigations are not helping anyone or the severe situation. Sadly, it seems to making problems worse for the journalism profession in this dangerous country. What is the answer? What can be done to stop this violence? Lately, demands towards Mexican Government to assume and take responsibilities. Why is the country providing poor and no results to this problem?

The lack of support by Mexico’s government shows who is in control. Ultimately, pointing fingers at themselves. The continuances of insufficient support or help will only further this crime and silence reporters to the bare minimum.

Press Freedom Organization, Reporters without Borders is doing its best with monitoring the freedom of expression with the reporters of mexico. The reporter today is more like a skilled war correspondent. The rules to reporting are changing. Reporters now a days dont know who the enemy is. The taxi drivers are halcones, lookouts. The local empresario (business owner) is very possibly in cahoots with the cartel, as are the local cops and the mayor. So, possibly, are some of the local journalists (Knight Center for Journalism in Americas).

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4 Responses to Journalism: Wanted Dead or Dead!

  1. omedina49 says:

    This is very interesting, i have seen two films about what is happening in Ciudad Juarez and it is truly scary. I think that although journalists are risking their lives it is almost the only way information to help capture all these killers is being found.

  2. randybcho says:

    This is truly saddening. After hearing about all these horrendous killings going on in Mexico, it’s disheartening to see that journalists can’t do their job, without putting their lives at great risk. Not only does this affect what kind of news is published, but it puts a bind on journalism.

  3. justinemrsich says:

    This is so very sad. I hope the best for not only the jounalists but also the citizens whose lives may be at risk as well (especially for the women). It’s horrible to know that journalists are in such fear and cannot ask questions or report the facts that need to be known. Hopefully, one day the situation changes.

  4. cnaslund says:

    scary stuff. Im glad that an organization like Reporters Without Boarders exists. We have to keep those mafia drug lords in check. We have to let them know that they are being watched and will one day pay for all the sadness they have caused.

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