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The Pushy Editor

By Alyssa Gauss Photo by            I think there are probably some people out there that believe that spell-check and grammar-check are a writer’s best friend.  And, for some intents and purposes, I would have to agree with them.  … Continue reading

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Since When is the Truth Not Good Enough?

Blog Three by Alyssa Gauss Photo provided by                                                                       Throughout the course of history, advances in technology have usually been welcomed into our lives.  They generally make our lives easier and more enjoyable.  Most of these advances come with … Continue reading

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Children and the News

Blog Two by Alyssa Gauss    Photo by                In the event that a spectacularly newsworthy story comes their way,  journalists have been known to  overlook the sensitive nature of the incident and the pain of the parties involved in their … Continue reading

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The Resume You Never Knew You Had

Blog One by Alyssa Gauss Photo from When crafting your next brilliant Facebook update or “Tweeting” friends about the supposedly post-worthy feature of your day, you don’t usually consider the fact that a future employer could be reading every … Continue reading

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