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25-year-old college student studying public relations and expecting to graduate in May 2011. Reason I set up a WordPress account... We had to. We are using it in a Feature Article class at CSUF.

Yes John, learning how to spell in elementary school is important…

Homonyms, Homographs, Heteronyms, Homophones, Palindromes. By Christopher Naslund In writing choosing the right word is import, especially if you choose a word that can be used in a different sentence to have a completely different meaning and therefor can change … Continue reading

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Eventually this computer program will be smarter than most humans.

By Christopher Naslund Computers only know what we program into them, correction, they used to know only what we program into them. Carnegie Mellon University created a program that continuously searches the web for patterns in text on millions of … Continue reading

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Leeds Building Society Goes Back to School

By: Christopher Naslund Refreshing your grammer. United Kindoms largest building society heads back to the classroom to get a refresh on their grammer skills. Leeds Building Society has been around since 1875, they are a mortgage lending company. Leeds helps people … Continue reading

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Binge Drinking Leads to Poor Life Decisions

Binge drinking used to be defined as drinking a lot over several days. Now its defined as drinking 5 or more drinks in a short period of time.  Now-a-days from what I have noticed is that binge drinking is becoming … Continue reading

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