Newscasters Crazy Antics

By: Cindy Thompson

In this day and age TV News has changed over the years. Back in the day when news first began the newscasters would deliver the news with all seriousness. Now days the newscasters prefer to report by giving their own personal opinions. Some resort to silly antics that endear or make them charming in the public eye.

Take weather man Mark Kriski from KTLA news with the way he reports. Live footage will show him as other reporters report making facial expressions or commenting. Sometimes he just doesn’t make any sense at all. Does Kriski draw you in or turn you off? Should the studio have more control over him? Look at the footage below and see his response and see how it makes you feel. Does it evoke any feelings from you?

Video footage of Kriski in action

Can he consider himself a reporter delivering unbiased news or opinions? Would you want reporting on hard hitting news topics from Kriski?
Is the style more to the public opinion to be soft and funny in the morning and leave the hard issues to the evening newscast?

Edward R Murrow would be shocked by the way the news has changed. He spoke with integrity and grit. And he did all with dignity and honest and informative reporting. Edward was known for his famous quote. “ American traditions and the American ethic require us to be truthful, but the most important reason is that truth is the best propaganda and lies are the worst. To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful. It is as simple as that”.

We must look at where we have come from and where we are headed and decide what best fits our human nature. Somehow the human society needs to go back to the beginning on how reporting should be done. You don’t need to be completely serious or overly comedic to earn the respect of the public. But one should be an honest and informative reporter to the best of his or her ability.

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Can a tablet,Ipad,or e-reader be a Journalist BFF??

Most of the time, we as Journalist are always on the go, trying to get as much information as possible in order to produce a great story. Now instead of carrying around a laptop, or waiting until you get home, you can use different types of technology such as tablets or e readers.Each one is different. Some you have to pay for the data services, and some work off of wi fi or wi fi with 3G.  These electronics are the “most wanted” products right now. For our profession, these devices come in handy at all time. If we needed to look up an article from a magazine, or do a book review, we have access to it.

According to TopTenReview there are over 16 e readers to compare. Most of which on available online only and not in retail stores. The number one seller right now, is the Kindle which holds 3,500 books and can have a battery life that last up to a month with the wireless turned off.

Now, there are several different tablets and  e readers out there. Make sure to do your research in order to see which one is for you! Communication majors take advantage of all of the new gadgets, it will only make your life better!!

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What NOT to Do with Your Mobile Device

by Jennifer Chung

We all remember Vanessa Hudgens’ scandal where nude photos of her were leaked from her cellphone. Who could forget seeing that fresh-faced Disney beaut standing awkwardly in her birthday suit in front of a skeezy room littered with tea lights? Oh, you didn’t it see it? Nevermind then. Well, it happened. It also happened to Cassie, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Trina, Eve, Rihanna, Ke$ha, and now the one we ALL knew was coming, Miley Cyrus.

And if you think it’s just a bunch of naïve girls being careless, think again.  Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, Jamie Foxx, Kanye West, Ne-Yo, and a flurry of other silly male celebrities have all had their rude bits plastered over the Internet.

People. Why?

It’s becoming easier and easier to hack into mobile devices to access personal files, but more importantly, it’s becoming more and more desired. At the rate of how often we see nude photos of a young celebrity surfacing, it’s safe to assume that we all have (naked) skeletons in our closet.

This is a touchy subject, but it’s the elephant in the room that we simply have to discuss. Even the government has taken notice. For example, believe it or not, “sexting” has entered the glossary of the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts. In their words:

“‘Sexting’ is the act of sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photos, or images via cell phone, computer, or other digital device. These messages, photos, and images are then often being further disseminated through email and internet-based social networking websites well beyond their original intended recipients. “

Check out the alarming results of a survey of a sample group of 1,280 teenagers and young adults between the ages of 13 and 26:

22% of teen girls (that’s 1 in 5 , with11% between the ages 13-16) and 18% of teen boys have electronically sent or posted nude or semi-nude images of themselves

33% of teen boys and 25% of teen girls say they have had nude or semi-nude images shared with them

Today, mobile devices companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in trying to figure out the fastest and easiest ways one can share media with others. This has made sending a risqué photo to your 14-year old boyfriend practically effortless. But keep in mind: the complete destruction of a digital file is much more difficult to accomplish than you think. Caches of your files can remain on your harddrives and cellphone memory cards. These files are easily attainable with simple software.

Take it from Miley Cyrus: the only nudes of yourself you should want to keep are the mental photos you take while standing in front of the mirror. Now, walk away.

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Twitter Lends Journalists a Helping Hand

You love to write. From the first time you picked up a pencil you knew you were meant to tell a story. The only problem is how do you get people to read what you have to say? Well one writer, Andy Hunter found a way to attract thousands of new readers.

Andy began using the social networking website Twitter to upload mini passages of his articles in 140 characters or less to attract readers. Giving readers little tid-bits of his work would draw them in and make them want to read more. Every tweet was like a cliff hanger.

Anytime someone would read one of Hunter’s tweets and liked what they read, the reader could “retweet” or repost Hunter’s tweets and then their readers would see them and could pass them along. Twitter then became a great tool to pass along his work and build a community.

Twitter is great for the journalism world because news stations can tweet major headlines and paste a link and readers can choose to click on them or not. It is as if a reader was gazing through a newspaper and over-looking the headlines and choosing to read the rest of the story or not. Magazines and websites are able to do the same thing by using twitter.

Right now CNN tweets several times a day and has over a million followers. This allows people to get the top breaking news with out even having to search for it. The great thing about it is it just pops up on their twitter accounts!

So how do all you readers feel about getting your news through twitter? Is it a substantial enough way to get news or does it not give news the proper stage it deserves?

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Health Insurance for Freelance Writers

For many people that are employed with regular jobs, sometimes insurance is hard to come by. So you can imagine what struggle some writers go through when they have to figure out how they are going to get health insurance for the free-ranging, nomadic freelance writer.

Because the health insurance industry is so complicated and complex, it is difficult for some organizations to come up with funds to help freelance journalists create a group for affordable insurance plans.

The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) have a task force that is one of those without resources to form an insurance group of its own, due to differences in state laws. Each insurance policy varies by each state, so it makes it almost impossible for them to provide a group with that massive span of legal differences.

Each state has laws that hold agents to different standards for policies that they sell. And each individual is different and is insured based on personal information.

Take for example a college student, in good health. It would cost $66 to $236 depending on deductibles and co-pays, but for a student that can be difficult to come by. Once you graduate and are on your own insurance plans go way up. Plans start from $125 and can go as high as $818 per month! (These price quotes are available from

So, while SEJ cant offer group insurance packages they have rounded up other organizations that do. There are unions, alumni associations, professional groups and in some states AAA offers group insurance plans for freelance writers.

Here is a list of Health Insurance providers compiled by SEJ (


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Print Advertising in Magazines and Newspapers

By Zachary Drexler

            Although we live in an electronic age, advertising in print media is by no means obsolete. Magazines and newspapers are extremely useful vehicles for advertising.

            Magazines cater to narrow audiences. Chefs read magazines for chefs, mountain climbers read magazines for mountain climbers, and video game enthusiasts read magazines for video game enthusiasts. One of the most important steps in advertising is delivering a message to the target audience, or the consumers who are most likely to purchase the product or service.

            Forgive me for the cliché, but placing an ad in a magazine is like shooting fish in a barrel. But the barrel has no water. And instead of a shooting a gun, it is a grenade.

            In other words, magazines are the ideal medium for reaching the target audience. They can also be used for much more. Advertisers are able to buy full pages in magazines, and this provides sufficient space for ads with long copy stories, vivid images, and consumer/product information. To see what I mean follow the link to see some of this year’s best magazine ads.

           All these opportunities make magazines a great tool for branding. Branding is the creation of meaning for a product or service within the mind of the consumer. The more a brand means to the consumers, the more money it will ultimately generate.

            Now as anyone can tell, newspapers are not the same as magazines. Thus, advertising done in newspapers is not similar to advertising done in magazines. People will spend hours reading a magazine, but only a few minutes reading a newspaper.

Does that mean it would be smart to invest the time and money to put detailed ads in something that people will quickly skim through? No!

           Newspapers are immediately available, and people read them for newsworthy material. Advertisers use newspapers for retail purposes, and by that I mean sales, discounts, and things of that nature. Newspapers are an ideal vehicle for retail advertising because they are published frequently and are distributed to a diverse market of potential consumers.

           Even in a digital world, where almost everything has an electronic chip in it. Print media is still a viable source for advertising.

           You can learn more here.

           Here is an example of a print ad.



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Jobs in Journalism

Blog post 4 by Piatra Marani

As college students, the next thing on our to-do lists after graduation is to find a job. Fortunately, studying journalism offers a plethora of opportunities in a wide variety of fields. Here are some ideas for career paths you can take with your journalism experience:

1. Public Relations – While this field is known for building relationships and representing an individual or an organization, writing is a key element in PR. Being able to communicate a message effectively, both written and verbally, is essential in representing your client. This field includes publicists, public affairs specialists and media analysts.

2. Advertising – Strong creative writing skills are a sought after talent in the advertising world. Carefully selected language mixed with memorable messaging can make an advertising campaign unforgettable. If you have a flair for creating catchy taglines and painting a picture with words, advertising just might be your niche. Some jobs available in advertising are copywriter, creative director, media planner and marketing specialists.

3. Broadcast Journalism – Strong public speaking skills are important in a career in broadcast journalism, as well as excellent writing and research capabilities. Experience in front of and behind the camera would be helpful in seeking a career in broadcast journalism. News anchors, news writers, radio DJs and announcers are a few of the jobs you can find in the field of broadcast journalism.

4. Journalism – The godfather of the journalism family. Journalism began with the written word; the simplest, most effective way to relay the news. Even with great advances in technology, someone still has to translate information and events into concise slices of news. While the medium may change, there is still a reporter behind the scenes crafting the information into something we can understand. Reporters, editors, publishers and freelance writers are just a few career ideas in written journalism.

 Remember, there is ton of career advice out there to help you land the perfect job in journalism.

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Something to think about: Internships

By Kacie Yoshida

While many California State University, Fullerton students are prepping to graduate this coming May, many are still scrambling to satisfy internship requirements for the school’s communications department.

According to the department’s assistant dean, nearly 300 students don’t satisfy the department’s internship requirement in time for graduation. For those who plan to intern during the summer, most applications will become available early in the new year.

While most internships at companies with reputable names like NBC, Los Angeles Times, LAweekly, etc., are non-paid, they can still be difficult to land. Getting in an application is the first step. Here are a few websites devoted to helping students find internships.

1. — Here, many local and national magazine internships are noted

2. NBC — NBC and other like companies, have many internships in Los Angeles as well as New York.

3. Rising Star — This website showcases internships locally, nationally, and internationally.

4. — This website caters to every major and holds the key to thousands of internships.

Landing a paid internship is a little bit trickier. The following is a small list of great internships that offer stipends, hourly wages, or scholarships.

1. Doctors without Borders

2. Getty Museum

3. Nikkei Community Internship

In my experience, many paid internships are made available to those of diverse backgrounds through money that has been set aside.

However, the most important thing to landing a great internship is keeping an ear peeled and applying before the deadline.

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Journalism Jumps Through Stigma Hoops

Along the lines of the previous article on how “Journalism Influences the Film Industry”, there are many more options and job opportunities to journalism. The one thing that is shared amongst all journalists no matter how different their jobs may be is that they are always providing a fresh idea to the table. Whether it is news, or a feature, there angle is always innovating.

There was an interesting comment by Kay Gilbert who was told by her professor to “never get stuck with a journalism degree because it will limit a person from getting a job.” May I add that this was her Communications Professor and perhaps better advice or some guidance would have served her better in this situation.  Aside from the economic slump, I believe limitations are created by oneself. I think it is best to consider where you want to be in your career and take the necessary steps to achieve them. If you plan on earning a degree in journalism but are clueless as to where you may apply your work, then consider each of your interest.

What is your muse? Take for instance journalists who have a passion for writing but are only motivated with topics that interest them. They are certain that they do not want to get stuck working for a column that they cannot find encouraging. After all, if we have learned anything from our Communications courses, it is that a reader can tell whether a writer is disinterested in the story they have developed.

Zeno Pisani, can walk into any NBA arena and watch a basketball game on any given day. I will add that he is an NBA writer and adores his job. He has the privilege of owning a little yellow square that hangs over his shoulders and is referred to as a media pass. Zeno is a huge Lakers fan, and his job consists of following every game closely and interviewing his favorite athletes. He has had the opportunity to befriend the athletes, visit the homes of NBA superfans such as that of James “Jimmy” Goldstein, and can often get the entire scoop before it hits media networks. This is his job; his profession; and he is getting paid for it.

During the finals, when many fans watch through a screen or struggle to buy tickets, Zeno is practically sitting on the wood at games. Post games he has locker room access to the players, to the family room, and on the court. As a fan, Zeno has said that he loves experiencing the “behind the scenes” of the game and organizations. There is a lot of work that goes into an organization such as NBA or the Lakers and a journalist receives first hand at experiencing it all. Zeno is brilliant in his work but he is also passionate. He enjoys being an NBA journalist so much that he says he would do it for free. Perhaps, Kay’s Communication professor could have mentioned the enjoyment for what you do. A coworker once told me a story told by her late father. To summarize the gist of it she said, “the day you will stop working is the day you will do something you love”. Those words have always resonated in me but they hold more meaning now. If you do something you love, then everything will be easy. Imagine how easy it is to write for a field you enjoy and are knowledgeable.

Nonetheless, a degree in journalism or knowledge in journalism will make you a better communicator, a better writer, more analytical and expressive of your thoughts. These qualities are beneficial in any given work environment.

Check out the video below of Eric Pincus, NBA writer, and peer of Zeno Pisani as he articulates what he looks for in a game. He also says that he very seldom gets tired at work and it is obvious as he speaks about the NBA  that he truly loves his job.

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Journalism Influences the Film Industry

When thinking of a degree in journalism, many people often assume it means a career as a journalist or reporter but few consider thinking beyond. When in fact, a degree in journalism could signify many opportunities in an abundance of fields. Take for instance the role of movie critics. Their role seems to be far from Communications when in fact many possess a journalism background, which is why some refer to them as film journalist. In order to properly and successfully critique a film, a movie critic has to have the capability of communicating effectively both verbally and written.

Often it is how well the critique is written that will determine whether a film is worth watching. According to Chassity Beals on her article, “The Importance of Entertainment Journalism”, a good film review should provide the following: a brief synopsis of the movie and insight into what inspired the film, how it was made, what makes it interesting visually, how the story was affected by the cinematography, and lastly, a recommendation to watch the film or to avoid it.” This format is general to the one film critics follow when delivering a critique. Beals adds why a critique is significant for audiences, “This is evidence of an educated opinion as it reaches beyond merely saying ‘this movie was great!’ or ‘this movie was horrible.”Again, a good written critique can influence an audience and box office scores.

When remembering prominent film critics within the Entertainment industry many have journalistic backgrounds having worked in major Newspapers or media networks. Take for example Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune and A.O. Scott from the New York Times who each took turns co-hosted the Ebert and Roeper show, along with Ebert, Roeper, and Siskel whom were all journalist.
“Aside from the controversy of whether a critic is necessary, becoming a film critic is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Anyone can write film reviews and critique films in a blog, but in journalism there are only about 2,000 openings per year in the United States.” Beals said. “The number is far less for a film critic. While you do not have to have a degree to be a film critic, you do need to possess a wide knowledge base, understand the film industry and filmmaking process and have a passion for watching films.” I would like to add that you have to demonstrate the ability to communicate yourself effectively to facilitate making your point. It would serve no purpose if a person is knowledgeable in the film process but not effective in expressing that knowledge.

Film critics have been considered a part of the film industry and as journalist Armond White said they are an, “expected to be a partner in Hollywood’s commercial system. Critics are no longer respected as individual thinkers, only as adjuncts to advertising. We are not. And we should not be.” An interesting thought that White believes that film critics should be reviewed as people who know movies and therefore judge them. “Our knowledge is based on learning and experience.” Knowledge and experience that can perhaps be acquired through a person’s passion for films and the help from a feature writing class to help express those thoughts. Below, watch as Director Quentin Tarantino speaks about film critics and their influence in his career and work.

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