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Jobs in Journalism

Blog post 4 by Piatra Marani As college students, the next thing on our to-do lists after graduation is to find a job. Fortunately, studying journalism offers a plethora of opportunities in a wide variety of fields. Here are some … Continue reading

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Writing Competitions: Adding a Competitive Edge to Your Writing Career

Blog Post #3 by Piatra Marani You go to college and write hundreds of papers. Some might be great for a portfolio and some have so many red marks on them, you’re not even sure what you were writing about … Continue reading

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The Gutter Press

Blog #2 by Piatra Marani You’re at the check-out stand. It looks like the woman in front of you is purchasing everything from aisle seven. With coupons and a personal check. You have plenty of time to kill, so you … Continue reading

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

By: Piatra Marani As college students, the consequences of plagiarism are drilled into our heads – especially those of us studying Communications. And the repercussions only get worse when bad decisions enter the workplace. Being an author caught plagiarizing is essentially career … Continue reading

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