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Health Insurance for Freelance Writers

For many people that are employed with regular jobs, sometimes insurance is hard to come by. So you can imagine what struggle some writers go through when they have to figure out how they are going to get health insurance … Continue reading

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Print Advertising in Magazines and Newspapers

By Zachary Drexler             Although we live in an electronic age, advertising in print media is by no means obsolete. Magazines and newspapers are extremely useful vehicles for advertising.             Magazines cater to narrow audiences. Chefs read magazines for chefs, … Continue reading

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Jobs in Journalism

Blog post 4 by Piatra Marani As college students, the next thing on our to-do lists after graduation is to find a job. Fortunately, studying journalism offers a plethora of opportunities in a wide variety of fields. Here are some … Continue reading

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Something to think about: Internships

By Kacie Yoshida While many California State University, Fullerton students are prepping to graduate this coming May, many are still scrambling to satisfy internship requirements for the school’s communications department. According to the department’s assistant dean, nearly 300 students don’t … Continue reading

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Journalism Jumps Through Stigma Hoops

Along the lines of the previous article on how “Journalism Influences the Film Industry”, there are many more options and job opportunities to journalism. The one thing that is shared amongst all journalists no matter how different their jobs may … Continue reading

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Journalism Influences the Film Industry

When thinking of a degree in journalism, many people often assume it means a career as a journalist or reporter but few consider thinking beyond. When in fact, a degree in journalism could signify many opportunities in an abundance of … Continue reading

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The Pushy Editor

By Alyssa Gauss Photo by            I think there are probably some people out there that believe that spell-check and grammar-check are a writer’s best friend.  And, for some intents and purposes, I would have to agree with them.  … Continue reading

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What Makes Twitter Powerful?

Every day, we are inspired by people using Twitter in unexpected ways to make the world a better place. Powerful Tweets have impact, relevance and resonance. In just 140 characters, you can change the game, make a difference in someone’s … Continue reading

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Information Influx

The internet has allowed people like you and me to access any type of information at any given time. Living in the “Information Age” a person can do stuff such as looking up a recipe to bake online, learning how … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Friend: WordCounter

Avoidance of repetition when writing is something to be considered to ensure that one’s message gets across to his or her readers. As frequent story developers of the written word, journalists,  bloggers, and even students must take into consideration the … Continue reading

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