Health Insurance for Freelance Writers

For many people that are employed with regular jobs, sometimes insurance is hard to come by. So you can imagine what struggle some writers go through when they have to figure out how they are going to get health insurance for the free-ranging, nomadic freelance writer.

Because the health insurance industry is so complicated and complex, it is difficult for some organizations to come up with funds to help freelance journalists create a group for affordable insurance plans.

The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) have a task force that is one of those without resources to form an insurance group of its own, due to differences in state laws. Each insurance policy varies by each state, so it makes it almost impossible for them to provide a group with that massive span of legal differences.

Each state has laws that hold agents to different standards for policies that they sell. And each individual is different and is insured based on personal information.

Take for example a college student, in good health. It would cost $66 to $236 depending on deductibles and co-pays, but for a student that can be difficult to come by. Once you graduate and are on your own insurance plans go way up. Plans start from $125 and can go as high as $818 per month! (These price quotes are available from

So, while SEJ cant offer group insurance packages they have rounded up other organizations that do. There are unions, alumni associations, professional groups and in some states AAA offers group insurance plans for freelance writers.

Here is a list of Health Insurance providers compiled by SEJ (


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6 Responses to Health Insurance for Freelance Writers

  1. khriztah says:

    I never thought about health insurance for freelance writers. Thanks for bringing this issue to light. I certainly know the plight of not having health insurance. As a child my family struggled financially and my dad owned his own business making it difficult to get health insurance. Frankly, it’s way too expensive and way too necessarry to go without it can be devestating. I hope that more people can embrace the fact that we need this change and to just accept that it is coming. I’m getting really sick of people still kicking and screaming about the issue!

    • justinemrsich says:

      I think health insurance for anyone seems to be a hassle. I know my mother gets it through her work and even with the given options finding the price and coverage one may want is difficult and time consuming. I agree with you in that we need change and it’s about time that it happen (especially for those who don’t have it).

  2. rachel1892 says:

    This is a wonderful blog post! I am graduating and am entering the real world. Being informed about this type of information is more important than learning about some distant battle that happened in the 1800s. Health insurance is expensive already so I am preparing myself for the future and had been doing research. Monthly rates are expensive and the reality is that if you work for someone it is best to get insurance through them. But this blog post displays great information about the authenticity of doing freelance in any form and that you must be your own boss to make sure there is a steady income every month.

  3. kacieyoshidajournalism says:

    Wow that’s interesting. I’m dreading graduation when I have to become a real adult.

  4. Uh the realities of becoming an adult. My advice, get a job for the government, cause they give you every perk imaginable. But of course you have to do something you would hate doing, so great post about free lance journalism and the logistics of making it happen successfully.

  5. emilyrreno says:

    Wow! It is amazing how expensive health insurance can get without benefits from a job! Some prices are as much as people pay for rent each month. It is good to know there are options out there for every career at any age. It will be interesting to see how things change in the next couple years with the health reform by Obama. I have been fortunate to have coverage under my parents while in school and am going to make it a priority to look for a job with a good health care plan since it is so important to have.

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