Can a tablet,Ipad,or e-reader be a Journalist BFF??

Most of the time, we as Journalist are always on the go, trying to get as much information as possible in order to produce a great story. Now instead of carrying around a laptop, or waiting until you get home, you can use different types of technology such as tablets or e readers.Each one is different. Some you have to pay for the data services, and some work off of wi fi or wi fi with 3G.  These electronics are the “most wanted” products right now. For our profession, these devices come in handy at all time. If we needed to look up an article from a magazine, or do a book review, we have access to it.

According to TopTenReview there are over 16 e readers to compare. Most of which on available online only and not in retail stores. The number one seller right now, is the Kindle which holds 3,500 books and can have a battery life that last up to a month with the wireless turned off.

Now, there are several different tablets and  e readers out there. Make sure to do your research in order to see which one is for you! Communication majors take advantage of all of the new gadgets, it will only make your life better!!

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2 Responses to Can a tablet,Ipad,or e-reader be a Journalist BFF??

  1. cnaslund says:

    I prefer the Ipad simply because I have a MacBook and IPod. I like the way their operating systems work. They are easy and quick and allow you to customize it to my liking. It would be great to have an IPad to be able to check stuff on the go, quickly and easily and basically anywhere. Although I plan to buy my mom a Nook for Christmas.

  2. alyssakgauss says:

    I don’t use any of these things and I am doing just fine. I just got my first laptop, so I guess I am a bit behind in the times. I do get a little jealous when I see people surfing the internet from a tiny hand held device, though.

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