Posting to the class blog

Go to the dashboard (if “My Blog” shows on your screen, use the pull-down menu to find the dashboard)

Click Posts > Add New.

Select the Visual tab (unless you want to write HTML code).

Type a title or headline. Make sure it’s SEO-friendly.

Write your post.

  • You can write your post  right in the article pane, write it in Plain Text or write it in MS Word. If you write it in Plain Text or Word, copy your text. Then do not just paste it into the article pane. If you do, you may experience unforeseen formatting issues! Instead, click the Paste from Word or Paste from Plain Text button.
  • Use the formatting toolbar to format type, make bulleted lists, set justification, check spelling and indent. Create subheads, if you desire.
  • WordPress should automatically double-space between paragraphs for you.

Add links.

  • Select the text that you want to serve as a link.
  • Click the insert/edit link icon.
  • Paste the URL of your external link into the Link URL box.
  • Target > Open link in new window. Leave title and class alone.
  • Always test your links after you’ve posted.

Add an image.

  • Click the Add an Image icon above the formatting toolbar. WordPress accepts these image formats: jpg, png, gif, pdf. (Tiffs do not work. Convert tiffs to jpgs in Photoshop or another tool, if necessary.) Respect copyrights!
  • Upload the image. In the dialog box, give your image a title (it helps SEO), decide your alignment and size, then click Insert into Post.

Add a video.

  • Click the Add Video icon above the formatting toolbar.
  • Select either From Computer or From URL. The easiest way to post video is via YouTube. Select From URL. Paste in the YouTube URL.
  • Click Insert into Post.

Final steps

  • Leave Excerpt blank.
  • If you refer to a website and want to notify that site, type in the site’s URL in Send Trackbacks.
  • Click Allow comments on this post.
  • Click Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this post.
  • You can save your draft, without publishing, with Save Draft.
  • You can preview your post with Preview.
  • You can set the day and time of publication.
  • Add tags. Type in logical, relevant tags, separated by commas. Include your name as a tag. Click Add.
  • Categorize your blog as Student Posts.
  • When you’re ready, hit Publish. You can always go back in and modify your post.

 Credit for these instructions: Jill Van Wyke, assistant professor, Drake University School of Journalism and Mass Communication


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