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Journalists Going the Extra Mile – Literally

Journalists can be very busy, reporting on several different stories a week. The stories they report on can stretch journalist’s knowledge of particular subjects. For example, a journalist may report on a Los Angeles Clippers basketball game and may have … Continue reading

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Digital Magazines – Trending to a New Future

The magazine industry has been a stubborn mule throughout the years, it could afford this luxury with standard advertising supporting the standard print circulation. But things have changed, technology is suffocating the print industry. This isn’t groundbreaking news I’m writing, … Continue reading

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Twitter Will Save Your Life!

A Japanese Journalist never thought he would get out alive, after being in captivity of Islamic millitants in Afghanistan. Kosuke Tsuneoka was losing hope of ever seeing his friends and family until opportunity struck. When his young captors asked how … Continue reading

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YouTube Already a News Media, But a Source of income?

I’m sure you’ve seen the YouTube video David after Dentist, this drugged up 7 year old is filmed by his father after feeling loopy from the dentist. A pretty funny experience for his father to catch on camera but there … Continue reading

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