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When The ESRB Can’t Do Its Job

The United States Supreme Court has recently undergone a brutal debate in regards to censorship in video games.  There were arguments made against this law, asking where the line is drawn in censorship. The turmoil started in 05′ when governor … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Denies Right To Debate

The Washington Post has recently caused an upset, banning their journalists from debating with readers VIA Twiter. The ban happened after several reporters chose to engage readers in debate over the controversy of the recent string of bullicides. The six … Continue reading

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Print Media is Becomming Obsolete at an Ever Increasing Rate

This is not an abstract idea. We have known this since the early days of personal computers, and it becomes more true everyday. There are several obvious benefits to paperless media. It costs nothing to produce content (no paper or … Continue reading

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Green Laws: More Help Than Hurt?

For some time now, the green movement has been gaining increased popularity. Everywhere you look, businesses are quick to advertise how environmentally sound their new products are. Save money, save the earth: the green movement appeals to all of us … Continue reading

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