For Fun: Do You Have the Stuff to Be a Journalist?

Here’s a test.

 1. My favorite food is:

(a)    steak and potatoes

(b)   shrimp scampi

(c)    tacos al pastor with rice and beans

(d)   stale Twinkies with cold black coffee

2. My greatest accomplishment was:

(a)    climbing Mount Whitney

(b)   running the Los Angeles Marathon

(c)    reading “War and Peace”

(d)   figuring out the school district’s budget

3. On a sunny fall weekend, I most like to:

(a)    enjoy a football game

(b)   go antique shopping

(c)    have a barbecue

(d)   avoid being arrested while covering demonstrations involving other staff members

4. Late at night I enjoy:

(a)    a glass of wine

(b)   a Humphrey Bogart movie

(c)    a warm bed

(d)   a three-alarm fire

5. I would most like to write:

(a)    a romantic poem

(b)   a gothic novel

(c)    a screenplay

(d)   an analysis of the city’s sewer capacity

6. At my present salary level, my next vacation will be to:

(a)    Fiji

(b)   Maui

(c)    Catalina

(d)   The traffic islands

7. For the holidays this year, I would most like to have:

(a)    a cashmere sweater

(b)   a Ferrari

(c)    roller skates

(d)   the day off

(ANSWERS: The D’s have it!)

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