Twitter Lends Journalists a Helping Hand

You love to write. From the first time you picked up a pencil you knew you were meant to tell a story. The only problem is how do you get people to read what you have to say? Well one writer, Andy Hunter found a way to attract thousands of new readers.

Andy began using the social networking website Twitter to upload mini passages of his articles in 140 characters or less to attract readers. Giving readers little tid-bits of his work would draw them in and make them want to read more. Every tweet was like a cliff hanger.

Anytime someone would read one of Hunter’s tweets and liked what they read, the reader could “retweet” or repost Hunter’s tweets and then their readers would see them and could pass them along. Twitter then became a great tool to pass along his work and build a community.

Twitter is great for the journalism world because news stations can tweet major headlines and paste a link and readers can choose to click on them or not. It is as if a reader was gazing through a newspaper and over-looking the headlines and choosing to read the rest of the story or not. Magazines and websites are able to do the same thing by using twitter.

Right now CNN tweets several times a day and has over a million followers. This allows people to get the top breaking news with out even having to search for it. The great thing about it is it just pops up on their twitter accounts!

So how do all you readers feel about getting your news through twitter? Is it a substantial enough way to get news or does it not give news the proper stage it deserves?

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11 Responses to Twitter Lends Journalists a Helping Hand

  1. jldruck says:

    That’s an a pretty good tactic as opposed to just using a link to your website or article. That’s a great way to get your work out there!

  2. rachel1892 says:

    I read another article from Elle magazine about a woman that had to do the same thing to be discovered as a journalist. Frankly, I think it is Americans that are lazy and want to get everything fast and easy, so reading a 140 word post on Twitter is easier than going to CNN to read 400 words. The idea of this on Twitter is great for anyone that wants to be discovered, but I personally feel that social media is lacking real talent and making society idiotic.

    • justinemrsich says:

      I half agree with rachel1892…Yes, I agree that Americans are lazy and would rather read 140 words than 400-600. However, I also believe that social media can be a great asset for businesses and other communication areas as a tool to expand the reach or something/someone.

      I do not like Twitter, personally, but it can have it’s advantages. (My public relations professor thinks it will be dead in 3 or less years once people get bored with it.)

  3. zachdrex says:

    Interesting. I never thought you could use Twitter to sample abstracts of your work to spark attention. Good to know! Thanks for this post.

  4. omedina49 says:

    I think that twitter can be seen as a reliable source of news because there are times when people who are directly involved tweet right away and information is leaked at a faster rate. For instance how Holly told us about the San Bernardino fires. She was saying how alot of the information that was being received was from tweets on twitter.

  5. vvega89 says:

    I believe that using twitter to attract readers is a great tactic! When we consider that people use social networks on a daily basis to inform themselves, networks like twitter work wonders. Not only are they informing the public but they are creating a buzz for their topic.

  6. caitlinarmstrong says:

    Justine!! Your professor really thinks Twitter will be dead in 3 years? That bums me out because I love reading it when I am standing in long lines at starbucks. I think it is a great tool for getting major headlines out there and navigating people to the main story. However, if people aren’t taking the time to read the main article then it really isn’t that helpful of a tool.

  7. kacieyoshidajournalism says:

    I love getting my news through twitter. I can be my own gatekeeper and stop annoying announcements that I’d rather not hear. I can also make sure that I’m following all of my favorite musicians so that I know when free downloads come out as well as tour dates. I love twitter.

  8. cnaslund says:

    great blog! yeah, that is a real quick way to attract an audience, they click it ad it takes them to the full article. and then they can share it on their own twitter. it could go viral very quickly.

  9. kacieyoshidajournalism says:

    Twitter is my favorite place for news. I check it at least a few times a day to stay up to date on everything. I follow TMZ for celebrity news as well as the LA Times for current events. Since I don’t have television, Twitter makes up for my lack of the nightly news.

  10. emilyrreno says:

    I don’t really like Twitter for a few reasons. I do not think it is a good way to get news related information because no matter what there is no way to tell a whole story in such little space. I feel like Andy’s idea for “catching” a reader and putting a link to the full article however, is a good idea. I feel if Twitter was going to blow up like Facebook and MySpace did, it would have already done so. It is a unique idea but I think it will get old and obsolete after a few more years.

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