Rubric (standards)

(adapted from Serena Carpenter, Cronkite School of Journalism, Arizona State University)

MASTERING — the top level of blogging

DEADLINE: The student has created post on time before  the beginning of class.

BASICS: Writing is compelling, free of spelling or grammatical errors.

SCANNING-FRIENDLY: Post features shorter sentences (or a mix of long and short), paragraphs, lists and headings. It uses one space rather than two between sentences.

SEO: Post includes user-friendly keywords in title and within first few sentences.

LINKS: Post links to a variety of compelling and useful sources, including information used to create your post.

FOCUSED AND RELEVANT: Post is related to blog purpose and focused.

RESEARCH/INFO VALUE: Post contains original work, including photos, video, data aggregation or other reporting. Writer analyzes an issue grounded in research.

ENGAGING/CREATIVITY: Post encourages user interaction, provides useful info and features creative elements.

TOTAL: 18-25 points

For other categories in the rubric, see the assignment post on BlackBoard.