Print Advertising in Magazines and Newspapers

By Zachary Drexler

            Although we live in an electronic age, advertising in print media is by no means obsolete. Magazines and newspapers are extremely useful vehicles for advertising.

            Magazines cater to narrow audiences. Chefs read magazines for chefs, mountain climbers read magazines for mountain climbers, and video game enthusiasts read magazines for video game enthusiasts. One of the most important steps in advertising is delivering a message to the target audience, or the consumers who are most likely to purchase the product or service.

            Forgive me for the cliché, but placing an ad in a magazine is like shooting fish in a barrel. But the barrel has no water. And instead of a shooting a gun, it is a grenade.

            In other words, magazines are the ideal medium for reaching the target audience. They can also be used for much more. Advertisers are able to buy full pages in magazines, and this provides sufficient space for ads with long copy stories, vivid images, and consumer/product information. To see what I mean follow the link to see some of this year’s best magazine ads.

           All these opportunities make magazines a great tool for branding. Branding is the creation of meaning for a product or service within the mind of the consumer. The more a brand means to the consumers, the more money it will ultimately generate.

            Now as anyone can tell, newspapers are not the same as magazines. Thus, advertising done in newspapers is not similar to advertising done in magazines. People will spend hours reading a magazine, but only a few minutes reading a newspaper.

Does that mean it would be smart to invest the time and money to put detailed ads in something that people will quickly skim through? No!

           Newspapers are immediately available, and people read them for newsworthy material. Advertisers use newspapers for retail purposes, and by that I mean sales, discounts, and things of that nature. Newspapers are an ideal vehicle for retail advertising because they are published frequently and are distributed to a diverse market of potential consumers.

           Even in a digital world, where almost everything has an electronic chip in it. Print media is still a viable source for advertising.

           You can learn more here.

           Here is an example of a print ad.



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3 Responses to Print Advertising in Magazines and Newspapers

  1. jldruck says:

    It’s insane to find out how much people spend on advertisements in magazines and newspapers. I hate to admit this but I rarely buy magazines anymore. The last time I bought one was probably over a year ago. I think it was about two years ago when I saw magazines implementing really distinct ads. Ad’s that popped up, used actual sound, took two pages, etc. Those definitely jumped out at me. Other ad’s, like ones you find in the back of magazines, never get my attention. I just hope the big expensive ones make money.

  2. zachdrex says:

    Yeah it is surprising, but magazines are still a great medium for advertising. Perhaps it is because they are specialized for a particular audience. The big money is spent in television, but magazines are still a valuable source to send advertising messages.

  3. briannabalty says:

    I completely agree that printing of advertising is still very successful in magazines. Since so many different variety of magazines are out there, it seems that now the advertising are focusing on more specific niche markets. By targeting audiences by thier preference of reads the ability to grab thier interest is greater. I know that the magazines that I read tend to advertise more of womens products. I love it becuase it gives me an insight as to what the hot new trend is!

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