Something to think about: Internships

By Kacie Yoshida

While many California State University, Fullerton students are prepping to graduate this coming May, many are still scrambling to satisfy internship requirements for the school’s communications department.

According to the department’s assistant dean, nearly 300 students don’t satisfy the department’s internship requirement in time for graduation. For those who plan to intern during the summer, most applications will become available early in the new year.

While most internships at companies with reputable names like NBC, Los Angeles Times, LAweekly, etc., are non-paid, they can still be difficult to land. Getting in an application is the first step. Here are a few websites devoted to helping students find internships.

1. — Here, many local and national magazine internships are noted

2. NBC — NBC and other like companies, have many internships in Los Angeles as well as New York.

3. Rising Star — This website showcases internships locally, nationally, and internationally.

4. — This website caters to every major and holds the key to thousands of internships.

Landing a paid internship is a little bit trickier. The following is a small list of great internships that offer stipends, hourly wages, or scholarships.

1. Doctors without Borders

2. Getty Museum

3. Nikkei Community Internship

In my experience, many paid internships are made available to those of diverse backgrounds through money that has been set aside.

However, the most important thing to landing a great internship is keeping an ear peeled and applying before the deadline.

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21 Responses to Something to think about: Internships

  1. tyleraustin334 says:

    Fortunetly, I have finished my internship requirement, but I know many people that could definitely use this post to help them find an internship! Great post idea! Thanks for the help!

  2. kacieyoshidajournalism says:

    Thank you! You’re lucky that you’ve finished your internship requirement. I have to do mine the summer following graduation.

  3. victoriarobillard88 says:

    I am debating to do my internship in Summer as opposed to Spring. It is one extra obstacle Comm majors have to overcome however it is a blessing in disguise. I am thankful that internships are a requirement in Communication departments. It will be hard and alot of work but in the end we will have a leg up on the competition. In the long run the stress will be worth it.

    • khriztah says:

      Great post. I too have just finished my internship and will graduate at the end of this semester. I know many people who cheated on their internship by just getting friends who work or own businesses to forge their hours and several who pleaded with to be excused from doing it at all. I cannot express how much these people have short-changed themseleves. Your internship is a huge asset to yourself. Keep in mind that you get to keep copies of any work you do at your internship to beef up your portfolio. Even if your internship is less than enjoyable as mine was, you’ll learn what you DON’T want to do in the future. I learned this valuable lesson and now I know I do not want to work in government and I’m glad I found out while still in school rather than getting a job there and feeling stuck. Don’t put your internship off, do it when you can and don’t pile it on too thick with classes either. Interning is a lot of work but worth it in the long run. Good luck to all of you pursuing your internships in the future!

  4. jldruck says:

    I have yet to do my internship this summer as well in the fall, great links!

  5. zachdrex says:

    Thank you for the links and the post. This is a great help! I just transferred and I did not realize that there are mandatory internship requirements in order to graduate. Thank you for bringing me up to speed!

    • kacieyoshidajournalism says:

      Unlike CSULB and other CSU, the Fullerton Communications department requires students to graduate with experience. It can be a pain, but it’ll hopefully pay off in the future.

  6. briannabalty says:

    Yay! This is such a useful post. I have yet to finish my internship. I am graduating in May but will be doing my internship in the summer months. This informaiton is super useful to not only me but other students who are stuck at where to begin with the whole intership fiasco.

  7. rachel1892 says:

    Although those websites are great, I have tried several of them and never received any responses. Obtaining internships are difficult, even if they are not paid. To me, the only real way to get into an internship is by networking. Everything I have ever done to advance myself through my career has been through friends or knowing the right people, which is sad but how the real world has displayed to me.

  8. vvega89 says:

    These websites are great resources! I am planning on landing an internship soon so I’ll take those sites into consideration. Have you started looking into internships yet?

    • kacieyoshidajournalism says:

      I haven’t started searching yet. I can’t decide if I want to stay local or venture out to another state. Either way, I have until the summer to figure it all out.

  9. dannyduran says:

    I was suppose to graduate this semester but failed to secure my internship on time. Thank you for the useful websites you have given us. As with most jobs I feel that it’s who you know and being at the right place at the right time. So if something is presented to you it’s smart to take it.

  10. kacieyoshidajournalism says:

    Glad that you were able to find that the links have been helpful. Since I’m preparing to take the internship over the summer, I have to ability to travel to different areas of the country for internships. I consider the summer internship a blessing in disguise.

  11. jnguyen115 says:

    Thank you for this useful information! I was one of the many who failed to secure my internship on time and had to postpone it for this next semester. It really is not as easy as it sounds. Even though my resume was signed off by the career center and I thought it looked great, I did not get any call backs from internship sites even after submitting to over 10 places. By the time I did get a call, it was too late to register for the internship. Fortunately, this semester, I was able to find a full time job and they are going to apply as an internship site for me.

  12. Great post! Clearly several students found it useful as well, like many of you I have yet to do my internship. I have actually been putting it off for a while because I am very happy with my current job as the manager of a skateshop down in Orange. But that intership requirement is sneaking up, I want to get an internship I can stay with and hopefully get offered a full-time position.

  13. cnaslund says:

    nice post. very helpful, but those of you havent secured one yet. you still have time! you have until the 3rd week of the next semester. I just got mine last week. Happy Hunting!

  14. mbalandra says:

    Talk about taking the right angle with your readers! This post is right up everyone’s alley. Although I just secured my internship for the upcoming semester, I appreciate the information. Finding an internship is a frustrating task, especially when it needs to be set by a deadline. I think the mistake most students often make is settling for an internship that has absolutely nothing to do with their field in order to satisfy the requirement in time. Why not take advantage of having the opportunity to gain work experience during school? For those of you that are still looking, try and find an internship that will benefit you in the future.

  15. emilyrreno says:

    I didn’t realize how many people at CSUF did not meet the internship requirements by graduation! There are so many places out there right now looking to hire interns for free work. It is a good idea to really do research on the companies you are trying to intern for since a lot of them are not even offering positions after you intern. Thank you for the helpful information.

  16. alyssakgauss says:

    I’m in the middle of the process right now, so I know how valuable these resources can be. Finding them isn’t the hard part, though. Landing them can be a little bit challenging.

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