Journalism Jumps Through Stigma Hoops

Along the lines of the previous article on how “Journalism Influences the Film Industry”, there are many more options and job opportunities to journalism. The one thing that is shared amongst all journalists no matter how different their jobs may be is that they are always providing a fresh idea to the table. Whether it is news, or a feature, there angle is always innovating.

There was an interesting comment by Kay Gilbert who was told by her professor to “never get stuck with a journalism degree because it will limit a person from getting a job.” May I add that this was her Communications Professor and perhaps better advice or some guidance would have served her better in this situation.  Aside from the economic slump, I believe limitations are created by oneself. I think it is best to consider where you want to be in your career and take the necessary steps to achieve them. If you plan on earning a degree in journalism but are clueless as to where you may apply your work, then consider each of your interest.

What is your muse? Take for instance journalists who have a passion for writing but are only motivated with topics that interest them. They are certain that they do not want to get stuck working for a column that they cannot find encouraging. After all, if we have learned anything from our Communications courses, it is that a reader can tell whether a writer is disinterested in the story they have developed.

Zeno Pisani, can walk into any NBA arena and watch a basketball game on any given day. I will add that he is an NBA writer and adores his job. He has the privilege of owning a little yellow square that hangs over his shoulders and is referred to as a media pass. Zeno is a huge Lakers fan, and his job consists of following every game closely and interviewing his favorite athletes. He has had the opportunity to befriend the athletes, visit the homes of NBA superfans such as that of James “Jimmy” Goldstein, and can often get the entire scoop before it hits media networks. This is his job; his profession; and he is getting paid for it.

During the finals, when many fans watch through a screen or struggle to buy tickets, Zeno is practically sitting on the wood at games. Post games he has locker room access to the players, to the family room, and on the court. As a fan, Zeno has said that he loves experiencing the “behind the scenes” of the game and organizations. There is a lot of work that goes into an organization such as NBA or the Lakers and a journalist receives first hand at experiencing it all. Zeno is brilliant in his work but he is also passionate. He enjoys being an NBA journalist so much that he says he would do it for free. Perhaps, Kay’s Communication professor could have mentioned the enjoyment for what you do. A coworker once told me a story told by her late father. To summarize the gist of it she said, “the day you will stop working is the day you will do something you love”. Those words have always resonated in me but they hold more meaning now. If you do something you love, then everything will be easy. Imagine how easy it is to write for a field you enjoy and are knowledgeable.

Nonetheless, a degree in journalism or knowledge in journalism will make you a better communicator, a better writer, more analytical and expressive of your thoughts. These qualities are beneficial in any given work environment.

Check out the video below of Eric Pincus, NBA writer, and peer of Zeno Pisani as he articulates what he looks for in a game. He also says that he very seldom gets tired at work and it is obvious as he speaks about the NBA  that he truly loves his job.

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5 Responses to Journalism Jumps Through Stigma Hoops

  1. marisa2430 says:

    By: Marisa A. Gutierrez

    I adored this article and it made me go back to the words that my own dad once told me back in the beginning months of my first job, he said, “the day you start doing something you love, is the day you will feel as though you are not even working.” My father said it the other way around then the way it was stated it in this article but for the most part, after reading this article I can honestly feel the passion coming of Zeno and his work coming between the lines of the article. That is exactly what writing should feel like. The passion of the article’s subject should be able to come through the lines and into the reader’s mind. Good job.

  2. victoriarobillard88 says:

    I love that you chose to cover this topic. It makes me excited to continue to pursue my passion in Journalism and writing. It gives us all hope that our passions can lead us to a succesfull career. Its great to see that someone has reached the pinnacles that we as students are yearning to reach. Hopefully, we can all have the same success.

  3. sheyy says:

    Thank you for the comments. I am a big believer that we can achieve what we set out for as long as we work hard at it. Often, we have goals but we don’t realize how to get there or believe it is too difficult. Zeno and Eric, are a motivation for all students to continue striving for that dream. Afterall, they too had to start somewhere…

  4. mbalandra says:

    This post really appeals to me because I am currently seeking a career in the sports industry, although I am aiming for something that is geared towards public relations rather than writing. Either way, I think people who are going into sports need to become a master of whichever sport they choose to cover. For me, baseball is my passion and I aspire to work in Major League Baseball. So of course I have begun to make a habit of reading the sports section of newspapers and watching the ESPN and MLB networks for recent trades and moves in the industry.

  5. Great Post, I strongly believe in doing what you love! That can be a dificult thing for some people, I can skateboard all day and although I love it, I cannot make a living out of it. So what’s the next best thing? Maybe writing for a skateboarding magazine, just like Zeno, I’m sure his goal was to play in the NBA when he was young. But he probably learned at a young age that his goal wasn’t a reality, so he made the best of the situation.

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