Jobs in Journalism

Blog post 4 by Piatra Marani

As college students, the next thing on our to-do lists after graduation is to find a job. Fortunately, studying journalism offers a plethora of opportunities in a wide variety of fields. Here are some ideas for career paths you can take with your journalism experience:

1. Public Relations – While this field is known for building relationships and representing an individual or an organization, writing is a key element in PR. Being able to communicate a message effectively, both written and verbally, is essential in representing your client. This field includes publicists, public affairs specialists and media analysts.

2. Advertising – Strong creative writing skills are a sought after talent in the advertising world. Carefully selected language mixed with memorable messaging can make an advertising campaign unforgettable. If you have a flair for creating catchy taglines and painting a picture with words, advertising just might be your niche. Some jobs available in advertising are copywriter, creative director, media planner and marketing specialists.

3. Broadcast Journalism – Strong public speaking skills are important in a career in broadcast journalism, as well as excellent writing and research capabilities. Experience in front of and behind the camera would be helpful in seeking a career in broadcast journalism. News anchors, news writers, radio DJs and announcers are a few of the jobs you can find in the field of broadcast journalism.

4. Journalism – The godfather of the journalism family. Journalism began with the written word; the simplest, most effective way to relay the news. Even with great advances in technology, someone still has to translate information and events into concise slices of news. While the medium may change, there is still a reporter behind the scenes crafting the information into something we can understand. Reporters, editors, publishers and freelance writers are just a few career ideas in written journalism.

 Remember, there is ton of career advice out there to help you land the perfect job in journalism.

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17 Responses to Jobs in Journalism

  1. victoriarobillard88 says:

    Your post gave me a great outlook and breakdown of journalism jobs. It is interesting that these jobs can intertwine with eachother. I guess that is a good thing for us in this field. It gives us options and allows for flexibility.

  2. sbon21 says:

    I am a communication major with an emphasis in PR. Honestly I have never really thought about what I would want to do in the field, and what options I would have within the PR industry. I knew there would a lot of writing involved in this business, and at first that made me very nervous. With the help of this class I know I will be confident in any assignment I am given on the job. Also, it really makes me feel good to know there different ways to go int he industry. This was so helpful!

  3. rachel1892 says:

    Thanks for posting this! I know my options are endless but many people struggle out of college to land a great job rather than retail. As my graduation date nears, I am always worried about my future. Craiglist and other job sites don’t necessarily provide an outlet for me as I have interviewed many people and on average only one job will respond out of 800. This post just goes to show that Communications has a very broad aspect in all types of careers and the future is endless.

  4. sheyy says:

    The idea of finding a job after graduation is always scary. The idea of finding a job in a field that is not clear and dry is even scarier. What I mean by this is a degree in journalism is not like a degree in Education where you are certain you will be a Teacher for example. Journalism has several outlets and it is great that you provided some options.

  5. Jackiethemiller says:

    I think this blog really helps me to remember not to worry there are a lot of jobs out there. Not knowing what i want to do when i graduate this year i have been stressing on what to do with my education.

  6. piamarani says:

    I’m glad you all found this helpful. Seeking a job after graduation is a scary thought. I think the important part to remember is that we are preparing ourselves to enter the job market, and up to now we have been working like crazy toward that goal. Hopefully we can be competitive and market ourselves with the great preparation we are getting now.

  7. mitchsallen says:

    Nice post. Really shows that with the ability to write well many jobs are open to us. And these are just the tip of the iceberg !

  8. zachdrex says:

    Nice breakdown of jobs. I intend to become a copywriter myself, so it was nice to see it listed in your post. This was the first time I had seen content in this course relate to advertising. And here I was worrying that I was in the wrong class. Overall, great post.

  9. briannabalty says:

    Great breakdowns of jobs in the field of Journalism. With so many jobs available to us, its good to know that writing is key and the major focal point. This scares me a bit, since my grammer isnt so great. I have a way with writing with my own flare and creativity but the mechanics are not so tight. Maybe I will be more inclind to write for a specific magazine that has flare.

  10. cvelazquez1 says:

    Interesting idea breaking up the major emphasis into sections. Many students are scared about not being able to find jobs after college and with good reason. On the contrary to what others think, journalism is not dying but evolving. Thus in reality, I don’t think anyone will have trouble finding a job.

  11. caitlinarmstrong says:

    I love this post! It is so great to see how many opportunities for jobs that journalism gives us. I am going into the field of P.R. and I am really excited. I used to love writing, especially feature writing, but I really love the type of writing that comes with P.R. You really get to jazz up your clients and write “sparkly” press releases for them. I used to be very interested in the field of broadcast journalism, and I STILL think it is a great field, but I was a little intimidated by all of the camera operating that is required now-a-days. There definitely is a lot more to it than just reading a script!!!

  12. kacieyoshidajournalism says:

    Very true, Pia. Journalism degrees allow us a lot of different options after graduation. I have had professors say it’s a dying field, but like the post above, I believe it’s evolving.

  13. Emily Reno says:

    I like the fact that you talk about the different career possibilities out there that are related to journalism. Just because you are a journalism does not mean you are confined to just that field. There are so many other career opportunities out there!

  14. Ya graduating is definitely a scary thought, tough decisions about getting a “real” job. I heard advice to take the most money you can get at first, you have time later to start your own business and do what you want. But the opportunity to make the money may not come as soon as you hoped it would.

  15. jrenee21 says:

    Yes, I agree, graduation is just around the corner for me. I feel that with this economy there is no way I could live off of my major right now.

  16. alyssa walters says:

    Nice post, that is a good breakdown for the jobs. I am a communications major with emphasis in PR and I think you summarized it well. I have heard there is growth in that industry as well, so hope there are jobs when I graduate!

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