What Makes Twitter Powerful?

Every day, we are inspired by people using Twitter in unexpected ways to make the world a better place. Powerful Tweets have impact, relevance and resonance. In just 140 characters, you can change the game, make a difference in someone’s life, offer perspective, or bring aid to people in need.

Information at the Touch of a Button

With social networking sites such as Twitter, information can be in your hands in a matter of seconds. This is one of the main reasons why Twitter can be considered such a powerful news outlet. With less and less people receiving a daily newspaper, there has been a major increase in internet news. Especially, with the convenience of Twitter’s fast, and concise news updates. More than 25 billion Tweets were sent in 2010. These include Tweets from everyday people, celebrities, athletes, political figures and high profile businessmen and women.

Twitter is an outlet for people to discuss anything that is going on in their lives, ranging from an array of different topics. Although Twitter is generally a collection of opinions about issues, many credible sources, such as news networks, use Twitter as a 24hr news update. Today Journalists use this factual information in their stories or use Tweets to generate ideas and add credibility to their stories. Today National Archives has singed on to twitter taking  factual info and documenting it.

So next time you are writing an article for school be sure to look through Twitter! This news outlet will help you gain information about a topic, and also can give you insight from credible sources. News personnel, news networks and other journalists can be quoted as well. How many of you already use Twitter as a form of obtaining news?


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2 Responses to What Makes Twitter Powerful?

  1. jrenee21 says:

    As of now this is the fastest way for me to find out what is going on with the world, and know every move my friends and family do. Its scary!

  2. alyssakgauss says:

    I never use Twitter, but I do use Facebook and have found that much of my information about current events comes from that.

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