Is Any Press Really Good Press?

It has been said that any press is good press, but can that honestly be true? Looking at the paparazzi, we can learn a lot about our society and what we value today. A photograph of a popular celebrity may be great press for a certain magazine or website, but it is really good press for that person? In the past the paparazzi has gotten a bad reputation for that great lengths they will take in order to get that “money” shot. Some of these actions taken not only endanger the life of the celebrity, but also the life of the photographer as well.

The most common case that gets brought up is the paparazzi not following the proper driving laws. Some will go way over the speed limit, swerve through lanes and drive extremely close to the celebrity’s car in order to get a better shot. When has this been taken too far? Well since this has been an issue being brought up for many years now, actions are finally being taken. Governor Schwarzenegger, has brought forth a bill that will aim to stop the reckless behavior that celebrity photographers engage in when it come to driving, this will be an anti-paparazzi law. Laws have also recently been passed which help to protect privacy and in turn will cause photographers fines when they are not willing to follow the rules. Will this new law really put an end to this reckless behavior, or will the paparazzi find another way to get the shots they need in order to make an income for themselves. Cant magazines and online websites find a way to get the pictured they need without having to break any laws or endanger lives in the process?

Doesnt seem like she is enjoying this does she?

We all know that celebrities and paparazzi have a cant live with them, cant live without them relationship. Lets face it, without the paparazzi what would happen to magazines like US Weekly, Intouch and People? They would no longer exist, and the millions of customers that buy them on a weekly basis would have to go elsewhere for their celebrity gossip. Also, these photographers would be out of work and not getting big paychecks from magazines for the “money” shots!

There needs to be an agreement made between the celebrities who are trying to live their lives and the paparazzi trying to do there jobs. A line needs to be made which give the celebrity and the magazine positive press from the pictures being sold to them. Hopefully with this new bill, a stop will be placed upon the reckless behavior that has occurred in the past. The lives of the celebrities, paparazzi and the civilians will all be unharmed. Would this boost the relationship between the magazine and photographer? Would the celebrities be more willing to give paparazzi the shots they need? I guess we will have to wait and see what the future has in store.


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10 Responses to Is Any Press Really Good Press?

  1. zachdrex says:

    I usually side with the paparazzi. They are the ones who make celebrities “celebrities” by providing them with exposure. Breaking traffic laws is a problem, and in that case the paparazzi should be punished accordingly. However, I don’t think they should be regulated if they are not breaking any laws.

    • sbon21 says:

      I agree it is a hard situation because they are doing their job, and there are many photographers who do follow the rules and don’t harm anyone in the process.

  2. tyleraustin334 says:

    Interesting topic! I’m curious as to how often paparazzi or celebrities get hurt while working/ living their lives. Is it really all that often that California needs a law? Personally, I don’t hear too much about it, but what do I know! Oh California… What we won’t do for our celebrities…

    • sbon21 says:

      I honestly would be really curious to see statistics, especially in the rest of the United States. However I have heard of quite number of cases where either a celebrity, photographer or by standard was injured.

  3. randybcho says:

    As a photographer myself, I even agree that the paparazzi is doing a little too much. I feel that these “photographer” cross the line constantly to get a certain shot. Of course it is important to capture the decisive moment, but the paparazzi need more class and decency, rather than invading people’s privacy, and at times, ruining their personal lives.

  4. vvega89 says:

    While paparazzi has the right as photographers to cover the lives of celebrities there is a fine line between taking pictures and invading privacy. At the end of the day celebrities are people too and when their lives are in danger due to paparazzi there should be rules to enforce safety.

  5. caitlinarmstrong says:

    I personally do not believe all press is good press. I have been reading celebrity gossip magazines for a long time and I actually believe press can make or break a career. For instance if a celebrity is on the cover of lots of magazines they are most likely A-list celebs liek Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt and are probably very profitable at the box office. Then there are celebrities like Lindsay Lohan who also frequents magazine covers but she is seen more as a joke and therefore is considered box office poison. However, I believe if you can keep the press interested they can either be your best friend or worst enemy. Lindsay Lohan may be able to turn her press around because people still care about her.

    • sbon21 says:

      ridiculous isn’t it? I hate opening up the paper or even a magazine and hearing about Lindsey Lohan and the rehab she recently checked into. I mean I know society is very much interested in “Hollywood” but I feel like there needs to be a line.

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