Journalism at the Movies!

Hollywood has concocted up a film that pokes fun at the realization that our culture is more interested with the latest “fluff” than hard-hitting news. ‘Morning Glory’ tackles this topic and does so in a delightful, perhaps fluffy, way.


The film stars Harrison Ford as legendary news anchor Mike Pomeroy who feels it is beneath him to report on topics such as celebrity news, fashion, and crafts. On the other hand there is Colleen Peck played by Diane Keaton who is a former beauty queen (Diane Sawyer, anyone?) that doesn’t mind reporting the stuff many refer to as fluff.  The two anchors inevitably clash both on air and behind the scenes.


The writers of the film did thorough research for this film by actually setting their alarm clocks for the middle of the night in order to be present for the demanding call times of New York morning news shows.


“If you’ve seen any clips on YouTube, you know that morning news is full of some of the most absurdly hysterical stuff that’s ever been captured on video,” says Bryan Burke, a producer of ‘Morning Glory’.


The writers for the film also discovered that journalism today is more than just a war between news and entertainment, but that in actuality the two have become combined in such a way that they are beyond separation. The characters in the film must face that the world has changed and journalists have to find a way to work with that or accept defeat.


I am curious to know how many of you feel about where journalism has headed? Do you side more with the Mike Pomeroys of the world or the Colleen Pecks?


Here is the link to the movies website!!!



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2 Responses to Journalism at the Movies!

  1. vvega89 says:

    While I have not seen the movie it sounds very interesting. You are so right in that the definition of actual news has changed dramatically due to entertainment. Yet as educated viewers we should be able to draw the line and know that rehab stories are not news.

  2. cnaslund says:

    Just watched the trailer for this movie on YouTube and I must say, it looks pretty funny. I think though just by watching the ad, I can figure out how she raised viewership and how the rest of the story may play out. But I still want to see it for the entertainment factor. Something else interesting, a news story was advertised to me two days before I actually heard it on the nightly news (trippay)

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