Internet Versus Print

Growing up whenever I would accompany my dad to the grocery store I would grab a magazine, normally a ‘trashy’ one with a scandalized celebrity on the cover, and flip through the pages furiously trying to soak up as much information as I could before we finally had to check out and pay for the more important things in life such as food.

When I got into high school however, my sister introduced me to something that would change my life, The website was dedicated to a plethora of celebrity gossip that anyone could access 24/7 for free. FREE! This meant no more spending $3-5 a pop on magazines that would be devoured in 30-45 minutes, or skimming through articles in the check out line at the grocery store when I didn’t have those $3-5.

The website was also great because it was constantly being updated with new information. It was like the magazine that never ended! It also seemed to hint at pretty legit inside information, and to top it off the blog posts were witty and humorous while at the same time giving you your latest celebrity scoop.

I think it is safe to say, I have been in love with ever since.

However what does this mean for print media such as newspapers and magazines? After I discovered this website I really didn’t see a need to purchase magazines anymore. After all, why would I do that if I could get juicier information for free before it even hit the newsstands while at the same time never having to leave my bed?

At the same time I still really enjoy holding an actual magazine in my hand and flipping through the pages such as Vogue or Vanity Fair, and sometimes the websites for these magazines are hard to navigate anyway. The conveniences of cost and constant updates, however, are hard to ignore.

So I ask the question, are you my readers on team internet or team print?

P.S. I would also be curious to know any of your favorite print medias or where you get your online news and information!!!

One more thing! Here is a link to my beloved website:

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4 Responses to Internet Versus Print

  1. mbalandra says:

    I think it is safe for me to say that I am team internet all the way! My story is similar to yours in that I would try to rush through magazines at the check out stand, but online media changed my perspective. Perez Hilton’s website is my guilty little pleasure, but I find that he has the scoop on stories before other sources of news. So by the time magazines are able to print, the story is already old news! So in my opinion, magazines need to move their material online in order to survive in this internet-driven society.

  2. sbon21 says:

    I also did a blog on this topic internet vs. print. Personally, I have totally shifted to internet as well. The great thing about internet is that it sets itself aside as a major information tool. Internet is very fast, and in turn can get people information, such as news, much faster than a newspaper. This is especially so with people who have access to the internet wherever they go with their mobile cell phones. Information is in a persons hands right when it happens. However, I do feel bad because many people are loosing their jobs due to the decline in print media. I wonder what the future holds for this industry?

  3. rachel1892 says:

    For real hard news, I use the internet to access the information faster. But for fashion and art I need to see an actual hard copy aka print. It’s just difficult for me to grasp creative aspects on the internet. So I use both, and it is a great companion for accessing crucial information. No, I do not think print will ever die but it is evolving.

  4. vvega89 says:

    I believe we live in an age were convenience is the most important factor. So although we enjoy tangible items it is more convenient for us to find information through our cell phones or computers due to accessibility. Unfortunately has become for important than convenience value.

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