Blogger Journalism?

Citizen journalism may be all the rage right now but a blogger is very different from an actual journalist.  The difference is mostly in the fact that bloggers merely comment on news and events, or rant about personal things.  Most of the time they are riffing off of current news issues They aren’t really tromping through the city looking for news and interviewing people like a journalist would.  Rather than digging for information, bloggers rely more on secondary commentary.  There is a clear difference between a citizen journalist and a blogger. 

Opinion and fact are also very important.  Bloggers almost always inject their opinion and bias into their posts, and why wouldn’t they? The internet is definetly a place filled with opinions.  Journalists on the other hand are taught to keep their head clear and focus on the facts, throw the emotional stuff out of the window.  That being said, is it possible for a blogger to be as respected as a professional journalist?  Is it OK that they be nominated for awards for excellence in JOURNALISM? 

Maybe blogger journalism is about as real as a unicorn. Maybe if blogging was a horse and we slapped a horn on its head we could call it one and no one would be the wiser.  It’s definitely possible that credible and journalistic blogs exist but how do we determine if they deserve the same amount of respect as a journalist? A lot of blogs are written anonymously. How do you know it’s not written by little Joey down the street, you know the one who you saw eat an earth worm?  On the other hand it could be some journalist savant writing that blog your reading.  Who knows?

Frankly, with new technology comes a new and unforeseen questions which isn’t news to us.  This raises another question to add to the mix… How will journalism be taught in schools in the future?  Will it even be taught at all or will it just be a webinar class about how to set up your own blog?  

The whole issue about technology and its uncanny resemblance to a living organism will continue to be at the forefront of debate for a very long time and it’s doubtful that there’s one right answer.  Whether or not a blogger can be considered a fully fledged journalist is something to think about, both have their pros and cons but it seems like we need them both. 

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4 Responses to Blogger Journalism?

  1. Blogging “journalists” don’t seem to be held to the same quality standards as print journalists. Mistakes seem to be tolerated because they can be corrected quickly and easily. So factual errors, grammatical gaffes, spelling mishaps, etc. are far more prevalent online — even when the writing is done by a professional — than in print.

  2. marisa2430 says:

    By: Marisa A. Gutierrez

    You know this article brings upon a good point. About whether or not blogging will be taught in classes as early as high school, and even middle school for student. You never know. You figure, right now professors in college are instructing their students to blog as assignments. Professor Holly Rizzo even told me that there is a professor on campus instructing his students to write more than 20 blogs per semester! That is amazing! With digital media coming and hitting young students and young folk like a storm, you know it is only a matter of time before many students, all students blog as a hobby, just as much as they log into their Facebook account.

  3. sbon21 says:

    This blog really interested me, especially because it is about a blog!! We learn so many aspects of communications writing in school, but blog writing seems to not be taken as seriously. With the rise in technology and the polarization of internet media, I think the use of blogging is a great addition to our society. Sure formalized papers and articles are great, but to me there is something about being able to read a blog and completely get a feel for who that writer is by their use of language. People like Perez Hilton, have become famous for their blogs about celebrities, and now he has stabilized a career doing something he loves. Although, I am not a huge fan of gossip I am guilty for ready it myself!

  4. rachel1892 says:

    Blogging certainly is just an outlet for people to get their personal opinions out there. I read many fashion blogs and it usually is just information regurgitated from Vogue or the runway shows. Which means that blogging is not the main source of news. In reality, I don’t care for their thoughts but rather the pictures on their blogs. I love the personal photography during fashion week, because it is like the inside scoop or being there. There is a difference between a blogger and citizen journalist.

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