Helping Journalists one technology break at a time

How can a pen, a tool you only write with, be smart.

Technology plays a major role on how to obtain information for journalists. From the internet to a tape recorder, Journalists have the ability to deliver information accurately. However, some Journalists still practice negligence, and do not produce stories with the information that they have received. Technology has helped once more with the Live scribe pulse pen.

The smart pen allows you to write and record at the same time. The pen has a computer built inside with memory ranging from 2 GB to 4GB. You have to buy the live scribe notebooks that have special grids on them, or the pen will simply be just a pen.

The smart pen can come in handy in many different situations. For example during an interview you are taking notes, you go back home and forget what was said, you can tap on the paper from the specialized notebook where you wrote the notes and the pen will play what was recorded during that segment of your note taking.

With the smart pen you can fast forward your notes and slow the notes down, to make sure you get the importance of what you are looking for. The pen also has a USB port so you can back up your notes on your computer and download different apps such the American Heritage Dictionary or different references guides right into your pen.

The pen is not just for Journalists, but for everyone as well. The pen can be for the business executive, or for the student taking notes in a college course.  The live scribe smart pen is available online, and at different retail stores.

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3 Responses to Helping Journalists one technology break at a time

  1. Kay Gilbert says:

    How much does this pen cost?

  2. susanacobo says:

    This is a good invention! It can definitely make it easier on journalists. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  3. kacieyoshidajournalism says:

    No way! That’s really cool. I’m only concerned that it’ll cost an arm and leg for the pen. Furthermore, how much does each sheet of paper cost?

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