Writing Competitions: Adding a Competitive Edge to Your Writing Career

Blog Post #3 by Piatra Marani

You go to college and write hundreds of papers. Some might be great for a portfolio and some have so many red marks on them, you’re not even sure what you were writing about in the first place. For those with career goals that have a writing requirement involved, there’s one thing your potential employers are going to want to see…


A great way to gain that experience is through student writing competitions. Not only will you be able to add your story to your portfolio as a sample of what you can do, if you win, it gives you the go-ahead for great bragging rights in your interviews! It not only proves your writing talents, it also shows that you have ambition, work ethic and a healthy competitive streak.

Writing competitions for students are an amazing way to:

  1. Gain exposure for you as a writer and your stories
  2. Perfect your writing skills
  3. Win some prize/scholarship money
  4. And possibly even get published

So put those writing skills to good use and check out some upcoming competitions with the Poets & Writers contest listings, Writers Digest, The Freelance Writer’s website, The Winning Writers page (great resources, too!), and even with companies like Folgers coffee.

Have you ever entered a writing competition? If so, what was your experience? Have you known any writers who have benefitted from a writing competition?

Happy writing!

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8 Responses to Writing Competitions: Adding a Competitive Edge to Your Writing Career

  1. vvega89 says:

    I never knew writing competitions could be so useful! Have you personallly used any of the sites you recommended? If not, were those sites based on popularity?

    • piamarani says:

      I have not used the sites personally…yet. I got the idea from a writing competition that Rolling Stone Magazine used to hold. The sites I mentioned were the ones that I found had the most opportunities and were credible organizations. One of the links has hundreds of different opportunities listed with due dates all the way through January!

  2. susanacobo says:

    Wow this is a great resource and great inspiration! I never realized how much exposure I can get if i were to win a competition. Thanks for this article.

  3. mbalandra says:

    I have never considered entering a writing competition, but I think it is great advice to anyone hoping to become a writer. This is a great idea, and thank you for the links you offer to give us information on upcoming competitions.

  4. piamarani says:

    You’re welcome!

  5. caitlinarmstrong says:

    This is so cool! I have never entered into any writing comments but I would really like to give it a shot! And why not, there is nothing to lose but so much to gain! I’m sure it would look really good on applications to jobs, and I bet it would be a great way to network and to get your work out there. I think I will really look into this!

  6. cvelazquez1 says:

    I think writing competitions are so intimidating but by seeing what you can gain out of them, I might have to consider entering one. I feel that by writing an award winning story and then having it to be published, must be the greatest feeling for a journalist. Entering a writing competition is indeed great advice to give for a journalist, or anyone, to get involved more with the magazine and newspaper industry. Thank you for your post, I didn’t even know this was possible.

  7. kacieyoshidajournalism says:

    That’s a great out-of-the-box idea. I’ll have to look more into this!

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