The Daily Titan: First step toward dream job

By Kacie Yoshida

In the future, advertisements might sweep the cover story to the 2nd page, while spilled coffee might turn the Los Angeles Times into paper mache. Dwindling to the bare minimum, pages of newspapers are becoming thinner—and so too are jobs.

Journalism graduates can expect to earn less than $35,000 annually according to The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. For California State University, Fullerton students, jobs could be even more challenging to land.

Setting one self apart from other graduates who have attended schools with notable journalism programs like Northwestern University in Illinois and Columbia University in New York can be difficult. So gaining experience to boost a resume is essential.

A great and easy way to gain experience is to freelance for the Daily Titan. While volunteering at the Daily Titan might not be as strong as landing an internship at the Los Angeles Times, it can be done from the comfort of a home computer. It also provides future employers an archived catalog of journalism projects that students have worked on.

However, if volunteering is not enough, the Daily Titan also hires Editors and Assistant Editors each year and sometimes throughout the semester.  Daily Titan jobs are posted in the classified sections of the paper and also online. However, the Daily Titan is much more likely to hire current freelance writers as Editors than students who apply without Daily Titan experience said Isa Ghani, Editor in Chief.

Set yourself apart from the others and utilize the Daily Titan. Be different and take charge of your future. A degree is not enough–a strong internship and/or campus newspaper involvement is essential. The more experience you have the better chance you’ll have at landing the job you want.

How do you feel about the future of journalism? Are you concerned about not landing a job after graduation?

For more information about jobs and freelancing, please contact the Editor in Chief, Isa Ghani.

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6 Responses to The Daily Titan: First step toward dream job

  1. susanacobo says:

    I am concerned about landing a job, but I am also sure that I won’t be without a job. I agree that The Daily Titan is a really good way to expand experience and get a feel for what is expected. There is also Tusk Magazine too, for those who are interested more in magazine writing.

  2. randybcho says:

    From personal experience, The Daily Titan is an awesome place to start with journalism. As a multiple award-winning organization, they are one of the best college student-run newspaper in the country. Working with The Daily Titan can provide great experience for individuals and lead to future jobs in bigger papers.

  3. caitlinarmstrong says:

    I actually wrote for the Daily Titan last year and it was a wonderful experience. They were always welcome to hear ideas of stories I might have and they were great about getting back to you when editing your work. I was assigned lots of stories and it really forced me to get out of my comfort zone. I had to go up to people and interview them and make them feel comfortable even though I was sure they weren’t comfortable talking to me. The best part was seeing my name in print in the paper. It was a very rewarding experience, and I learned a lot!

    • kacieyoshidajournalism says:

      I have also worked for the Daily Titan. I think it has really helped me get out of my comfort level as well. One of my first articles forced me to call random people. It was a strange, but liberating feeling that I had so much power.

  4. I have never written for the Daily Titan or any school newspaper, but I agree volunteering or writing part time for a local newspaper will give you an edge on other journalism majors. Great point about more accomplished journalism schools, lets be honest a degree from Columbia is going to get more job opportunities than us lowly Cal State Fullerton students. I’m only kidding; we are awesome and can do anything!

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