Paparazzi: Not all bad

Let’s face it we love gossip, because of this the paparazzi have secured jobs in today’s entertainment world.  When waiting in line at the grocery or browsing the magazine section it’s difficult not to see the multiple celebrity gossip magazines that exist.  These publications rely on  guerilla warfare type photojournalism and reporting of the paparazzi to ambush and raid celebrities in their personal lives to get the latest and greatest stories.  Watch TMZ for 30 minutes and it’s easy to see how resilient and aggressive paparazzi are.  Although the paparazzi continue to capture material that many love to see, it seems that the word paparazzi has a distinct negative connotation.  Many disagree with the paparazzi’s tactics to get the story even though they are continuing to supply the information the audience wants.  It’s odd that many stories that the paparazzi report on stem from rumors and sometimes are just made up to create more of an entertainment factor.

Although they may be seen in a negative light, paparazzi possess positive traits.  Paparazzi simply do not stop pushing and prying until they have got something for their story.  Sure this may be inconsiderate of others but at the end of the day they are completing their jobs.  Now apply this persistent and nagging character to a news reporter.  Michael Moore tends use similar tactics when reporting for his documentaries and audiences enjoy watching them.  So could this be true if we applied it to most traditional news?  Are these tactics more entertaining to the audience?

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5 Responses to Paparazzi: Not all bad

  1. mbalandra says:

    I have a love/hate mentality towards the paparazzi. Obviously, they are in demand due to the fact that people keep consuming celebrity news, but I do not think they need to be so invasive. Like many other people, I enjoy seeing my favorite celebrity on TMZ and other media sources, but I do not think it is appropriate when paparazzi go to celebrity homes or invade personal space. They need to respect boundary lines and recognize when they need to back off.

  2. khriztah says:

    I don’t think the paparazzi is all that bad. The celebrities certainly like to bash them but I think they would totally throw a fit if no one was waiting outside of restaurants waiting to take their picture haha! They keep the celebs on their toes and keep us interested. As much as they may annoy, they’re part of the celebrity circle of life!

  3. caitlinarmstrong says:

    I must admit that I am someone that probably keeps the paparazzi in business because I am that person that reads through gossip magazines in the line at the grocery store. I would have to agree that paparazzi is just doing their job, and like any job there is an ethical way to do it. Saying that, people who are in the public eye signed up for that and I think they should just face that one of the downfalls to their job, and their is downfalls to every job, is that they give up their privacy and make themselves fair game to be photographed. I do not have paparazzi following my every move but I also do not make millions of dollars.

  4. cvelazquez1 says:

    I must admit that I do not follow those celebrity gossip magazines. I’m sure some, honest paparazzi just have a bad reputation but there are others who do rely on doing the “dirty work” in order to get a picture. I have been to many red carpet events as a result of coverage for the Daily Titan, and I have seen some pretty well-behaved paparazzi. Seeing that the we live in a celebrity obsessed culture, paparazzi shouldn’t be hated on considering that they give the public what they want.

  5. I strongly disagree with the work paparazzis do. I don’t hate them and although I don’t advocate with their work, it’s the American public who gives them work. I have never understood why celebrities lives are more interesting than others who are actually doing interesting things? Now, if a celebrity gives money to charity or does something “newsworthy” than, yes of course put them in the news. But when a celebrity goes to a club for the eighth time this week, and kisses someone. Who cares? I guess we do, I wish information that was in the news was actually newsworthy. But i guess you have to feed the beast, and that’s us.

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