Multimedia makes its way to ads

By: Carolina Velazquez

It is hard to come by an issue of the Daily Titan without seeing a small “Q” code. This black, almost pixlated code is able to inform the reader that the story has a related video on the web. Multimedia is often associated with newspapers seeing as it acts as a vital form of online reporting.

As readers, it helps knowing that a story has a video to accompany it. A video on the web just makes the article much more appealing considering it completes the package of a story. In fact most people would much rather watch a the video than to read the article itself.

It’s obvious that multimedia helps an article, but can it give the same results with advertisements?

Nike just announced earlier this week the launch of “Rise,” a multimedia ad campaign featuring LeBron James. In the video, James makes not of his off-season controversy and now tries to focus on his future.

“It’s this Just Do It spirit that defines LeBron and Nike as we strive to inspire all young athletes,” said Davide Grasso, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing on the newly made website:

Like Grasso, many other marketers feel that this web-only video would only help James’ print ads.

Nike isn’t the only one on board for making multimedia advertisements that are aimed towards inspiring young civilians.

Points of Light Institute announced the official launch of generationOn, the first-ever global youth service movement that will encourage young kids to discover their potential to solve real world problems through service in order to change the world.

Using multimedia as an advertisement can be seen as a smart move; considering kids these days might prefer watching a less than two minute video, rather than reading a whole article.

This is just the beginning for multimedia advertisement and already so many companies are ready to jump on that bandwagon. The public can be sure to see many other new ads in the form of a web-only video.

For more information on generationOn, visit

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2 Responses to Multimedia makes its way to ads

  1. briannabalty says:

    I think that the multimedia advertising is SUPER smart. These days we are so focused on what we see. Targeting kids and anyone really who is up to date in the digial world, this is a perfect way to stay connected with consumers. Pop up ads have been on the up and up for years. Although, we have the ability to close them out, they are still triggered in our minds. This trend is here to stay.

  2. randybcho says:

    Nike has one of the best advertising and marketing ever. They revolutionized the use of multimedia in television advertisements. With the help of multimedia, advertising can change a person’s image completely. In this case after watching the commercial above, LeBron James’ decision in joining the Miami Heat is viewed acceptable, versus the initial view of him announcing to join Miami through his televised event, “The Decision”.

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