Foreign buyers see opportunity in housing slump

The economy today is still not going strong; one market that has definitely suffered is the housing market.
Many people bought houses before the economy went down and then when people started loosing their jobs or getting pay cuts they were not able to pay the mortgage on their houses.
Most people in America are scared to invest in the housing market right now.
So we are now beginning to see people in other countries who normally put a large amount of money into our stocks are now finding a better investment within our homes.
One good example is the Vicory in Miami, in 2007 when the economy was better the houses were selling at 670 per square foot and now they are selling for 319 a square foot. What they are doing is buying houses now and rent then for the mean time, and then when the economy turns around they will sell them for a higher price than they bought them.
One good thing about this is it will help the economy in the states they are buying from.
Is there anything that the housing market is doing to better the market themselves to sell more homes to Americans? Has foreigners buying homes and then renting effected Americans from buying cheaper homes? Is this alright that other countries helping us to bring our economy up even though our country is not able to do much now?

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One Response to Foreign buyers see opportunity in housing slump

  1. sheyy says:

    The economy is something that is affected worldwide. If we are in trouble so is the rest of the world. Housing is an interesting topic, because many people are scared to make a large investment such as buying a home yet we all agree it is a good investment. A house unlike a car will increase in value, eventually, and aside from putting a roof over your head, it is a good investment. Relationships with other countries have always occurred, I was not aware that other countries were buying homes in the US but I was aware that the US was building major corporations in their countries for cheaper labor.

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