Peers vs. Professionals

It was not too long ago that the public would rely on newspapers or magazines for information about anything new going on.  Whether it was a review about a new movie or restaurant or how well a new product worked, people would wait until a journalist would write an article about it.  This is no longer the case.

Technology is constantly changing our world.  In recent times, the internet has drastically changed our culture to be participatory.  Anyone with access to the internet can create their own articles for other users of the internet to read. More and more people are now relying on what our peers think in addition to professional journalist.  

Many websites now let people post reviews or thoughts about the featured material. is a website that serves solely for this purpose.  Users simply create a name and can write reviews based on their experience at a business.  This is very popular to find restaurants, hotels, or specific businesses in an area that are recommended by normal, everyday people just like you and me. is a site devoted to the movie industry that also contains this feature.  Viewers may choose to look at critics reviews or moviegoers reviews.  YouTube is also being used for this same purpose.  This platform allows video bloggers to show audiences new products and how they work.

Many people also participate in online message boards or forums.  These forums exist for just about anything that people are interested in.  Users can join entertainment, cars, sports, and even toy forums to openly discuss anything they wish.  Because the members of these forums all share a common interest, they rely on fellow members to provide information through their experiences.  This community type setting makes it easier for members to trust eachother’s word.   

 So will journalist still hold their job in our world or will we depend on one another instead.

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One Response to Peers vs. Professionals

  1. piamarani says:

    I think sites like are great. It kind of gives me a little security that the things being said about the business are people’s real thoughts and not something that might be swayed by a pay check. Every once and a while it’s nice to read a well written review (my favorites are in magazines like Food & Wine), but I do appreciate reviews from the Average Joe – they seem genuine and honest.

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