Leeds Building Society Goes Back to School

By: Christopher Naslund

Refreshing your grammer.

United Kindoms largest building society heads back to the classroom to get a refresh on their grammer skills.

Leeds Building Society has been around since 1875, they are a mortgage lending company. Leeds helps people get loans, refinance their house, apply for credit cards among other things of that nature.

Leeds recruited a retired A-level English teacher to help improve Leeds employees writing abilities of internal reports. The marketing director for Leeds, Kim Rebecchi says, “What we wanted to focus on was more consistent approach to  our internal writing, focusing on clarity and brevity”.

I think this is a great idea for all companies that have their employees write on a daily or weekly basis. Having an understanding of grammar, allows what ever your writing to flow and make sense. Having employees go back to school is a good thing, especially for those companies that their employees haven’t been in a proper English class for 15+ years.


About cnaslund

25-year-old college student studying public relations and expecting to graduate in May 2011. Reason I set up a WordPress account... We had to. We are using it in a Feature Article class at CSUF.
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One Response to Leeds Building Society Goes Back to School

  1. mbalandra says:

    I completely agree with the points made in this blog! Honestly, I am baffled by the lack of grammar and spelling skills of individuals these days. For me, even text messages need to have a certain level of readability. When things you write are full of spelling errors and choppy sentences, it takes away from your credibility as an educated person or in this case, a business.

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