Twitter Will Save Your Life!

A Japanese Journalist never thought he would get out alive, after being in captivity of Islamic millitants in Afghanistan. Kosuke Tsuneoka was losing hope of ever seeing his friends and family until opportunity struck. When his young captors asked how to use a new cell phone, Mr. Tsuneoka shifted their attention to Twitter, where he sent this message:

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The clever journalist convinced them to check out the social media site, obviously they didn’t understand the implications of their carelessness. Mr. Tsuneoka slowly gained their trust after an initial scary hostage situation. The Hizb-e-Islami threatened to kill the journalist if his Japanese government didn’t meet their demands within 72 hours. While no negotitians were passed, the threats became less and less likely. This was back in June, and he wasn’t rescued until September thanks to twitter. I have never been much of a fan of twitter, quite honestly I had never been on the social media website until researching for this post. But from what I thought was a pointless, conceited, waste of time of a website; it can’t be all bad if it actually helped save someone’s life. Although after reading this story, I gained a new respect for Twitter; I also thought, “Oh, no! Clint Eastwood is going to make a terrible movie based on this.” I could just imagine the plotline, after intense hostage negotiations, and terrible living conditions he finally gets saved by… Twitter. I’m not poking fun, I love this story, it’s just so good it’s a little unbelievable terrorists could be that dumb.

Anyways, it does make you think that twitter might be a good thing to have accessible. Especially as future journalists, twitter is one of the best ways to spread news fast. Journalists have come a long way from writing in the newspapers and having to wait a day to share news. Now you can post it and immediately all your followers knows whats going on. This definitely came in hand for our friend Mr. Tsuneoka, who was released some two days later to Japanese officials after tweeting his message. This definitely begs the question: How many of us have a twitter account? Take the poll!

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2 Responses to Twitter Will Save Your Life!

  1. cnaslund says:

    I think that is awesome that the terrorists let him use the internet, and then he used twitter to get rescued, what a clever guy. I remember listening to a journalist talk about Twitter in a class. He siad that he heard of a fire going on in Rancho Cucamonga from twitter, he then called the RC’s local fire department but they wouldn’t tell him anything and then they would just hang up the phone. So he got all information about the fire through twitter, like where exactly it was, how large of a fire and if any houses were in danger. pretty cool.

  2. sbon21 says:

    I already love Twitter and use it on a daily basis!! I find it absolutely fascinating how much technology, such as the internet, can allow us to do these days. Some people think this internet addiction is bad, but when a social media outlet can be used in order to save a live thats truly amazing. When I read about this situation in Afghanistan I was first shocked that the terrorists allowed him access to the internet, and second that the journalist thought to post on twitter of his status. This really made me think of the possibilities with technology and how networking websites can be used for very useful things.

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