You Want to Watch Me More, Hear Me More, and Take Me Where You Go, what Am I? Media!

By Marisa A. Gutierrez

According to Beth Bulik’s article Advertising Age’s website, or otherwise known as, Bulik points out all of the media outlets we digital natives have at our fingertips now when it comes to media and that it is surprisingly is not just the digital natives who are purchasing all of the technology behind media’s new avenue either.

Patricia McDonough, senior VP-analysis of Nielsen & Co. could not of nailed it on the head harder either when she stated in reference to media, “We’re finding a way to do more of it, watch more of it and take more of it with us.” Every where we go we need to have it with us, whether it be on television, the radio, the internet, you name it, it doesn’t matter to people anymore where the media is coming from, just as long as they get it one way or another.

In Bulik’s study, she broke up the data into the following sub categories all underneath that same media umbrella:

  • Television
  • Internet
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Books, E-Readers, and iPads
  • Social Media

I was astonished at the data uncovered when it came to television and media, especially when McDonough mentioned that now there is more televisions in the world than there are people! I mean how crazy is that, that we have more media outlets like television than we actually have people for?! In addition to that they also uncovered that the average human being spends approximately 35 hours a week just watching normal television without DVR.

Photo provided by Beth Snyder Bulik, that can also be seen on her article directly

When it came to the internet I was even more astonished when Bulik reported in the data that approximately 1% of Americans actually donate to charity than they would say visit Facebook, which of course accounted for 38% of the data in terms of social networkers.

The worst part is when Bulik uncovered a record that was so mind bottling, that it made  you question, whether or not textbooks would even be in paper format anymore in the future. According to Bulik, it was the worst data uncovered because it showed that only 31% of Americans read the actual newspaper which by far was the lowest percentage in two decades!

Photo provided by Beth Snyder Bulik, that can also be seen on her article directly

On top of that percentage, Bulik’s report left me speechless at this point when I came to find that 56% of the American public are reading now more than ever, digitally, than they ever were with paper. I found this statement to be so true because personally, I love reading the news on the go with my iPad, which of course brings me to my next topic I wanted to talk about, social media.

Social media is a powerful marker. So powerful in fact that Facebook now has a member count of about 500 million and Twitter, 100 million!

I mean, come on now people, where are we going? Where are we headed? Well I’ll tell you where we’re headed….towards the digital era. We’re headed towards the era that literally has an app for everything! I mean now 65% of the people who actually have a smart phone have downloaded an app according to Bulk’s research. Just know folks, this is no game, this is not a tale, this is not a fictional story that you can tell your children one day. In fact, one day you can tell your children’s children that you once lived in the era where newspapers and books were actually printed. Where cell phones had no internet, etc. I mean I can go on and no, but you get the reality right? Well I hope so!

Photo provided by Beth Snyder Bulik, that can also be seen on her article directly

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