Photography in Focus

With digital products becoming more affordable as technology carries on, people are becoming more and more interested in digital single lens reflex cameras (D-SLR), also known as “professional” digital cameras. Nonetheless, photo-editing programs have also become widely available and increasingly popular during the last five years.

So what does that mean?

As an aspiring photojournalist, I know that the competition for distinctive and rare photos is becoming more competitive as the digital age continues. However, as an amateur photographer I also know that it is becoming easier to publish and expose my photography skills online to magazines, newspapers, and blogs.

With sites like, making it easy for anyone to demonstrate photo skills, it has made it difficult for aspiring photojournalist to present unique photos. On the other hand, made it easier for amateur photographers to publish distinctive photos.

As said by Dusseldorp,  “the world seems under observation really all of the time” with the everyday use of cameras. Which leads to why magazines like National Geographic offer themed contests that allow anyone with an eye and camera to submit photos. These contests provide an affordable option for publishing companies to use the most exotic photos not found by photojournalists, making use of the infinite amount of photographers.

However, it is the photojournalist who gets paid big bucks to take the most dangerous photos that the amateur photographer cannot produce. Dangerous photos, like the photos of Africa’s lightning hot spots.

Lightning storm, Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa

Photographers risk their lives and increase the chance of being struck by lightning just to take the most excellent photo. Meanwhile, amateur photographers receive the feel of satisfaction through a publication, even at no or little cost (maybe even under $100). It’s a hobby.

As the interest in photography increases within people, the competition for photojournalists will rise. However, one thing for sure is there will always be a demand for professional photojournalists in any field. How are your photography skills?

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One Response to Photography in Focus

  1. Jackiethemiller says:

    Not the best photographer. but it is true i think amateur, or “people who do it as a hobby” are getting jobs. For example my friend takes great pics of people and will do it for me for free, so when i want to get my head shots done i do not have to pay 500 bucks to get it done.

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