{(:;,’…”National Punctuation Day!”-?!)}

By Tyler Austin

So this past Friday was National Punctuation Day! I can only hope that I punctuate everything correctly in this post, or I would be the world’s worst Punctuation Day advocate.

Here is the official website: http://www.nationalpunctuationday.com/.

Let’s celebrate- a little late, but better than never. I think punctuation is one of those topics that everyone thinks they understand, but no one really does, myself included. We should all study up on this topic! I’ve compiled a list of websites that can help us all remember when to use that over-used comma or semi-colon.

This “Handy Punctuation Reference” Guide is from George Perimeter College (and it is pretty handy):


From Purdue’s Online Writing Lab:


Punctuation Playtime isn’t just for kids anymore! Watch some of the videos!


Also, go to YouTube and search ‘punctuation songs’ or ‘grammar songs’ and just enjoy. There are some pretty funny videos out there. Here’s one from the Grammar Gang:

So mark your calendars for next year! September 24 is National Punctuation Day!

Oh, and sorry about the title! I did mean to place all the punctuation marks in it.

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One Response to {(:;,’…”National Punctuation Day!”-?!)}

  1. omedina49 says:

    this is so cool! I never knew there was such a thing. I wish i could have been a part of this sooner. I think it is so cool to see that there are people who are passionate about grammar and punctuation. I think that it would help my grammar and punctuation if i invested some time on visiting sites like the ones you posted and finding fun ways to remember proper grammar and punctuation.

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