Magazines on the Newsstand

How much is too much to reveal about your personal life? In some cases tabloids reveal things about people that aren’t even true or they reveal intimate details some celebrities don’t want the public to know. In the case of the reality star trend, it seems that these pseudo-celebrities are fighting to have the bigger story to gain popularity.  When is it okay to sell your personal story for monetary gain or media coverage? I think this society is making people have a need to be famous and get attention. It is really sad to see all of these reality stars exposing their lives to gossip magazines for their 15 minutes of fame. I know it is only a small percentage of the American public that are airing their dirty laundry and intimate details of their life on reality TV, but how much is too much. They leave the doors open for these magazines to swoop in and get a piece of the action.

It seems like every other season there is a new group of people we are exposed to that we are supposed to laugh at, want to be like, or idolize in some respect. This week I saw a magazine with Teresa Giudice from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, on a cover of a magazine with her and her four girls with titles under the picture saying that her marriage is falling apart and how her girls are getting her through her hard time. She also was on another magazine recently that told intimate details about her and her husband, Joe’s, financial meltdown. It featured her bankruptcy story and showed all of their material possessions that were up for auction.  How did we as a public become interested in her issues and everyone else’s issues that are gossiped about?



Is this the turn in journalism and feature article writing? The tabloid industry makes millions off of their publications and I don’t think it is going to slow down any time soon. With the success and popularity these icons bring, this journalistic venue is going to keep building. With the newspaper declining, this avenue of “news” is on the rise because it caters to a different category of readers. People are only going to buy into something if they like it and are entertained so I guess these magazines are going to have to stay on top and out do themselves over and over again to keep this trend alive.

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