Blogger vs. Journalist? Reminder: Video Killed the Radio Star

Blogger vs. Journalist? Is it over?

These days it seems that anyone who has access to a computer can turn themselves into a wannabe writer in just seconds. This debate, in which some say has been over now for years, ironically rears its ugly once more.

“We’ve all co-existed just fine for a while now, and the truth is, the distinction is less relevant every day,” says Jim Brady, Washington Post executive editor. “There are thousands of journalists who now blog, and there are lots of bloggers who are trained journalists.”

Its seems the “trained” journalist argues that he or she, could accurately blog for the sole purpose of expanding their knowledge to an advancing technology; while surreptitiously setting a journalistic example to the everyday blogger.

This pretentious or superior attitude conveyed by the journalist seems to continue the rival cycle in the blogoshere. For years, journalists have poked fun at uninformed, wannabe bloggers for considering themselves part of the journalism standard. Conversely, bloggers have mocked at long-established journalists for being secretly subjective, and losing “Big Journalism.”

Ironically, mainstream media has caught the blogging wave and been surfing it ever since. According to Mark Glaser,Glaser on Citizen Journalism – Center for Citizen Media, Executive editor of MediaShift, “Mainstream media reporters have started blogging in droves, while larger blog operations have hired seasoned reporters and focused on doing traditional journalism.”

It seems blatantly obvious to some, that the forte-topic blogger would know what he or she is writing about. Just like the mainstream journalist, would know and have more information on a ground breaking cover story.

Bloggers and Journalists use outlets to get the attention of their target audiences. Both write with bias and unbiased opinions. Though there are similarities between blogging and journalism, there are also differences. Bloggers tend to write out of passion. Bloggers don’t get paid to blog, there motivated to write their opinions. Whereas, journalists do this for perhaps the chase of a story, the impact good journalism will have on the public and because they get paid to do it!

So, do you think bloggers “are” journalists?

Jeremy Porter, found results thatPRWeek andPRNewswire recently teamed up on a study that found 52% of bloggers consider themselves journalists.

I would be inclined to say, sometimes. I would have to stand behind the fact that having an opinion on something doesn’t mean you’re a journalist. If a blogger was a journalist; then we wouldn’t have a need for debate. I think that there are journalists who become bloggers, moving forward with technology, and there are bloggers who truly think they are bringing social media coverage to the masses. Where ever you stand, shouldn’t we be judging the material written not who wrote it?

Things to consider: Citizen Journalism

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One Response to Blogger vs. Journalist? Reminder: Video Killed the Radio Star

  1. jrenee21 says:

    I think the main thing that both bloggers and journalists will struggle is negligence. On the web, bloggers most of the time they are typing from what they feel, and not doing their background checks. With journalists we get criticized for not getting all the information. Its a catch 22 either way.

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