Paper News or the Internet

As the internet becomes more and more popular over other types of media, none is impacted as hard as the newspaper industry.  With more online news sites and more public blogging, readers can pick and choose what they want to read more easily. It’s no shocker that the old form of news, the one that comes to your front door in paper, is depleting.

With the old versus the new forms of news come advantages and disadvantages.  One obvious advantages of using the internet as your source of news is the filtering of what a reader wants to click and read or not read. News sites break their news up into categories like business, science, sports, etc. It’s much easier to find a story that best obtains to your interest and you can see articles from days or weeks before. With paper news it’s much more difficult to capture interest and you got to bury your face into it to find an article you would like to read.

It’s very easy now for journalists and other bloggers to write on the internet and have readers read their work. It is really great for amateur writers but bad news for the professionals. The internet is getting bigger and online news is starting to become the main medium, actual professional journalists and companies are losing business and in most cases being laid off.

Some companies are figuring out a way to use the internet to save their business and learning to adapt to it though. In a study done by The Bivings Group, companies are fighting their lost of circulation and readership but adding videos to their sites, hiring reporter bloggers, and allowing feedback from readers.

The classic look of paper news and the feel of flipping through the pages while lying in bed and drinking a cup of coffee can never be replaced by the internet.  It Is not going to be as big anymore but the classic style of news coming to your front door will always be in a readers heart. It’s the Old Vs the New, society picks what’s best for them, but what’s best for you?

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