Is satirical news here to stay?

Stephen Colbert in Iraq

Photography is courtesy of The U.S. Army on Flickr

It’s scary to think some people believed Sarah Palin was a character on a late night comedy show, not a vice president in the running who was often impersonated by comedian Tina Fey.

How a person receives their news is drastically changing. It’s rare a twenty-something year old is seen sitting on a bench in the park reading The Wall Street Journal like his elder. It’s more likely that that same twenty-something year old will be seen reading some form of condensed news in a blog forum on his iPad while driving, unfortunately.

News has vastly changed in the way it’s presented. Recently, satirical news has been one of the trendiest and biggest movements in our generation.

In 2008, presidential candidates were going to where the youth of America was by making appearances on shows like Saturday Night Live and late night talk shows. Each of these shows somehow poked fun at each candidate but still brought in a lot of viewers leaving news outlets like CNN behind with the younger crowd.

To generalize everyone into this category is of course false; however, news has fallen into the entertainment category. It’s easier to be able to laugh at the on-goings of our economy as opposed to reading and watching reality which very well could be why news outlets like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are such a big hit.

Who really wants to hear Wolf Blitzer discussing the Dow dropping again and again when Jon Stewart can humorously inform us on the state of the economy?

(See this video clip of The Daily Show)

So where does this leave our generation? With the older, Walter Cronkite, generation diminishing and Stephen Colbert’s fan page on Facebook growing, print and broadcast journalism that is straightforward and hard hitting is at a standstill.

While people are tuning into The Today Show to see what Kathy Lee Gifford will do next, news keeps getting more entertaining. As long as shows like The Colbert Report continue to have reputable public figures appear, we don’t need to worry as long as our generation is getting its news.

We can start worrying when Snookie, a cast member of MTV’s Jersey Shore, is a news anchor discussing various ways to remove tanning solution from furniture that was sat in.

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