TOP STORY: News Reporters are Humans too

I can sit here for hours watching loads of YouTube videos of news bloopers and crazy reporters on the scene covering their story, laughing my butt off the entire time.  I’ve already done so on a few occasions.  It’s easy to stand outside the box and not realize what’s going on inside and make a mockery of what we see, but you have to admit that it becomes more entertaining when you see something you least expect, especially when it’s happening live.

Take Brian Collins, for example, a nerdish looking college freshman sportscasting for “Newslink @ 9” (the Ball State University television station) sometime at night in March five years ago.  What looks to be his first sports reporting, and most likely his last, was a complete and utter disaster.  Whoever decides to watch this almost four-minute clip may feel more humiliated than he probably felt at the time.

But behind all the blatant muttering, loud sighs, him mouthing the words “I’m sorry” in front of the camera, was an even more disastrous production.  The teleprompter didn’t work and apparently the script pages were out of order, which explains what all the paper shuffling noise was.  You can read more about this awful and poorly organized production on ESPN.

Or how about if a reporter loses their grip while the camera is rolling.  An angry reporter snapping and swearing while the camera is still rolling.  Reporters unable to finish a story because of how they are unable to control their uncontrollable laughter, just as what these two Channel 4 news reporters did while showing a clip of a model falling down the runway twice.  Or a wrong word slipping out while reporting a story, such as what the Channel 7 news anchor, Cynthia Izzaguirre did while describing a man who climbed Mt. Everest as “gay” instead of “blind.”  How does one confuse the two?  I’m still trying to figure that out, but it’s still amusing to think where her mind might have been while saying that.  You can watch this one-word mistake, along with other news blunders courtesy of TIME.

So what does all this tell the normal viewer?  News reporters are still human.  Despite their straight face and professional demeanor, most still have a sense of humor, a short-temper, get confused and even, surprisingly, get nervous.  And the production can sometimes even fall apart, causing problems for whoever is on camera.  I believe it makes the storytelling more interesting when there is some type of drama involved.  And believe me, the viewer will definitely remember the story when something unexpected happens.


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A complicated girl attempting to simplify my thoughts through words. I hope my words can inspire a positive perspective.
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2 Responses to TOP STORY: News Reporters are Humans too

  1. BriannaBalty says:

    OMG..this is too funny! Its good to know that there is still humor in the workplace. BUT… you would think after all this time, the newscasters would get a grip. It’s bad enough when all you want to do is turn on the News catch up on things; and the Newscaster cant keep a straight face. I guess life wouldn’t be as entertaining if we didnt act “Human” every now and again. Great Blog!!!

  2. mbalandra says:

    I think people tend to expect perfection from news anchors, and it is good to see that they are actually human. Oftentimes, they appear so composed and well-spoken that it seems like they rehearse lines like actors.

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