The Rise of K-Pop

Nowadays, music has been arguably dominated by American songs. The ‘Top 40 Charts’ consists of mainly American songs from pop, rap/hip-hop, rock, R&B, and even country. Listeners would love dancing in clubs to songs like DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love from “Usher”, or belt out songs like Mine from “Taylor Swift” on a long drive home in traffic from work with the windows up. People would even cover pop songs, such as Umbrella from “Rihanna”, on YouTube (some would score record deals off their covers). Whatever the case is, I’m pretty sure most of us enjoys listening to American music.

However, there’s a small movement happening in music. K-Pop, short for ‘Korean Pop’, is popular music from South Korea and it’s been unexpectedly sweeping across the world gaining popularity. K-Pop groups, such as “2NE1” (YG Entertainment), have been gaining a lot of attention internationally and have the likes of popular American producer “Will.I.Am” (Black Eyed Peas) wanting to collaborate on songs in the future. The following YouTube video shows his desire to work with 2NE1:

Also, Perez Hilton (famous internet blogger) raves about “2NE1” and other K-Pop groups on his website. Other than celebrity news and gossip, Hilton is known for advocating K-Pop and making it popular. He’s one of the biggest reasons why K-Pop has reached American audiences. The following image shows his post on “2NE1’s” music video, Fire:

K-Pop is also gaining some success in the American Market.  The “Wonder Girls” (JYP Entertainment) reached an agreement to open for the “Jonas Brothers” in their World Tour 2009 in North America. Also, “2NE1” ranked #2 in sales for US Hip-Hop/Rap albums in Apple’s “iTunes Music Store” last week:

With the sudden rise of K-Pop, will it ever reach dominance in popularity within the market of music? Or is it just a small fad that will die out soon? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

To watch “2NE1” videos, please check out their YouTube page.

Other notables in K-Pop:

Wonder Girls


Girls Generation

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