Celebrities Capitalize on Social Media for Career Advancement

With the invention of social media many people argue that a degree in Communications is the best way to go these days. One cannot help but wonder who the sources are when such a statement is made.  Oftentimes, the people who repeat this statement are in the field themselves, which categorizes them as a biased source.  Simply because they are influenced by their profession does not mean their comment is completely useless. In fact, it can weigh more because the source is knowledgeable of the industry and societal trends. Now, take a look at Social Media to determine the role and impact it has on present Celebrities.

More often we see professionals turning to social media to increase their business; this is evident with public figures. It is no longer enough to be an athlete, no longer sufficient to be an actress or a comedian. Celebrities are turning to social media to increase their fan base and more surprisingly their income.  By having a flock of fans follow their social media outlets, they are enhancing on networking opportunities and building their monetary income through marketing tactics.

It is more common to see a public figure become their own publicist. For instance, hip-hop phenomenon Kanye West recently appeared at Tory Burch’s Fashion show and was videotaped telling the reporter she was only allowed “one question” for the interview. You see professional athletes like Rebecca Rusch turn to Twitter, Facebook, or their personal web page to capitalize on their brand. Another example is Los Angeles Lakers player Sasha Vujacic who posted a press release on his website to explain his departure from the Slovenian Nationa team: Official Statement from Sasha regarding his departure from Slovenian National team.

Many celebrities are not as lucky as Rebecca Rusch who carries a Marketing degree in her pocket. Instead celebrities serve as tools in the survival of the fittest game. In this media-frenzy society, it becomes essential for celebrities to acquire social media skills if they wish to protect their image and hold a position in the hierarchical ladder of success. For celebrities, social media serves as their insurance for fair representation of their image and career.

Larry A. Thompson is a Hollywood film producer, personal manager, author, and motivational speaker. He has been in the business for more than twenty years. Throughout those years he has managed more than 250 celebrities and can be labeled an Entertainment guru.

When ask how social media is changing the world of celebrities Larry said, “It is like losing a copyright to a brand” meaning there is no control of the celebrity since information is transmitted through several outlets instantaneously. He does add that social media is doing the work for celebrities by capitalizing on the brand and in return making the celebrity more famous.

This is where the quote regarding “Communication degree is the way to go” holds some truth. A degree in Communications gives professional the upper hand in the field.  A rising communication professional serves as an entrepreneur who is aware of the latest trends within the industry, all while being equipped with the gift of growing up during the social-media craze and technological rise.

By: Sheyla Ornelas

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