At War: Facebook Vs. Myspace

Social networking is everywhere these days and there is currently a lot of competition to generate the most users. According to Facebook has officially taken over as king in the social media competition.

Despite the fact that most people have profiles on both sites, there is usually a preference on which site users prefer. There is no way to say which site is necessarily “better” but there are certainly different features that one might prefer.

Myspace started out as a site aimed for younger teenagers where they could locate and keep in touch with friends.  Facebook on the other hand was geared towards college students that had an email address with “edu” at the end.

Myspace is known for its creativity where Facebook is a bit more basic and simple.  Personally, I have found it is a lot easier to navigate the Facebook sight with out all the clutter and pop up advertisements.  Myspace is a bit more juvenile and is even hard to find people you know sometimes because often their user names are not in fact their full real names.

There are advantages to both sites and most businesses and organizations now have Facebook and Myspace accounts as a way to advertise and market their business at little to no cost.  It is a great way to measure and communicate with customers on a more personal basis.

Since Facebook is clearly on top of this war against Myspace one could speculate that people just want to go back to the basics. Older people who are not as electronically inclined are using Facebook to get in touch with colleagues and even old high school friends.

Whatever the reason is there is no doubt social networking is on the rise.  It will be interesting to see what new sites pop up in the coming years and to see which ones can last the test of social networking times.


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3 Responses to At War: Facebook Vs. Myspace

  1. victoriarobillard88 says:

    I agree that Facebook tends to cater to anyone as opposed to Myspace which tends to target a younger demographic. Facebook is more simple and can accomadate people from any age group.

  2. justinemrsich says:

    I deleted my myspace about a year ago. I never used it and saw no reason that my pictures and “high school life” should be on the internet on a page I no longer kept tabs on. To me, Facebook is better than Myspace in every way.

    My 14-year-old sister has given up on Myspace about a month ago because they redesigned the site, making it look more like Facebook and even got a new logo! Oh no!

  3. briannabalty says:

    Social networking in here to stay. It is fascinating how quickly media changes forms. It seems like now myspace never even exisited. I dont even know how to log into my myspace anymore. I forgot my password and login name. 🙂 I have become I hate to admit addicted to Facebook. I am much more connected with friends who do not live nearby and networking is a breeze on this medium. I havent reached twitter yet for fear it will take over. New media sites are poping up all over and soon will make their way to the masses.

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