blog1: Real or Pretend?

When the editor of the National Enquirer is calling you out for being a phony, you know you must be as real as a scene from MTV’s scripted reality show “The Hills”.

Indeed, this is exactly what Barry Levine of the National Enquirer is saying about all of the tabloid magazines out there that frequently put “real” people such as the Kardashians or the latest rejects from the Bachelor on their covers.

As we stood in line at the grocery store we used to shamelessly gaze at the covers of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston who were supposedly feuding or Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, better known as “Bennifer”, making out on a yacht in St. Barts. Those days seem to be long gone as Real Housewives of wherever, and kids from the Jersey Shore with ridiculous names such as “The Situation” and “Snookie” seem to now be gracing the covers of our precious Us Weeklys’ and In Touch Magazines’.

Have these reality stars become the new focus for features in our trashtastic tabloids replacing the stars we have admired for so many years, the ones  with actual talent? Dare we say it, has Snookie replaced Julia Roberts?!

Once again Levine from The National Enquirer doesn’t think so.

He states, “The Us Weeklys, the In Touchs, the OK!s try to sell covers off the Kardashians or Ali from The Bachelorette, but they’re never gonna eclipse the sales of true celebrities. I’ll resist it to the day I die. The real celebrities are Oprah, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, John Travolta, Michael Douglas. Real America views these reality-show people as pretenders.”

So the question is, is America more inclined to buy a magazine with Oprah on the cover or Ali the latest star of ABC’s reality dating show the Bachelorette? Do we as a nation recognize that these “reality stars” are mere wannabes who are no more worthy of press coverage than the average Joe?

Even more disturbing, has entertainment journalism stooped to such a new low to glorify these, as Levine would put it, pretenders? What do you think as observers, consumers, and most of all, Americans?

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2 Responses to blog1: Real or Pretend?

  1. tyleraustin334 says:

    I am so sad to say that, yes, reality stars are becoming much more popular that real stars. And to be honest, I hate it. We’ve become so ADD that TV shows don’t do it for us anymore. We need “reality” shows, where nothing about the show is even real, to keep us entertained. This season, the show “Dancing With The Stars” features Bristol Palin! She IS NOT a star or a celebrity. She’s a teen mom with a wanna be famous mother. But unfortunatly, the Britol Palins and Snookies seem to be newsworthy. Yuck.

  2. emilyrreno says:

    I do agree it is pretty pathetic these people are the ones making headlines but in journalism it is important to keep your readers interested and for some reason this is what is selling magazines these days. I like reality shows because I feel they are entertaining, funny thing about “reality” shows is most of the people on them are actors as well.

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