Will we really HAVE to read?

By: Danny Duran

We are all aware that our world is going digital.  All types of media is now being offered to us in portable, convenient, and fast electronics such as iPads and even smartphones.  Music, news, friends, and even TV shows can be accessed with just a push of a button no matter where we are.  Others have written about this technology and how it looks to be the death of physical newspapers and magazines everywhere.  BUT… can the evolution of video on the internet threaten print and people’s desire to read as a whole?

Recently, YouTube had announced that they are exploring the technology for live streaming video on their website.  A spokesman for the company explained that streaming video would be the natural progression of the internet.  YouTube has already used this technology to stream a U2 concert as well as Obama’s State of the Union address but relied on a third party to supply the technology.  The measurement firm comScore reported that Americans spent more time this past year watching live online videos.  648% more time.  With video beginning to dominate the internet, will online magazines and newspapers be forced to follow suit and create video articles to keep up with the times?

When I ask people why they don’t read the newspaper anymore, many simply respond by saying, “I don’t have time.”  With time being a scarce resource, many people may prefer everything in video form.  This may allow people to watch the news or even just listen to it while they are on the move or trying to do something else.  This could allow more people to be exposed to what’s going on.  It may sound like a good idea but we need to consider how much of the information we will be able to retain.  Will it be more difficult to get the full story while we are distracted and multitasking as opposed to reading the full article?  Perhaps all this video won’t be such a good idea.  We can only hope that video does not make printed words become extinct.

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One Response to Will we really HAVE to read?

  1. jrenee21 says:

    I do not think technology will threaten people’s desire to read, it will only enhance it. With print, its just that print, some articles, that happen that day, then you have to wait to buy one the next day. With technology, people can multitask reading books, magazines, newspapers, anything basically on a kindle, nook, nook color, or an i pad. I believe with technology it will increase reading, but print will have to get with the times and become just digital.

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