Is the imagination taken away with audio books versus the good old paperback book?

By: Cynthia Thompson

One would think that the audio book is a new invention these days with how it fits into our quick and impatient lifestyles. Because we like to get more things done in less time, this requires multi-tasking. Why not do laundry while you are listening to a book on tape? Or for that matter how about when you are jogging, exercising, or hanging out in a doctor’s office?

One advantage of audio books is that they come in several different formats; the two major players are the WMA and MP3 formats.  These formats allow audio books to be compatible on all sorts of systems from computers to MP3 players and many additional devices that carry these formats.  Another advantage to Audio over the regular book is that it doesn’t take up as much space.   A large variety and volume of audio books can be stored on an MP3 player.      

Audio books can be directly downloaded from the Internet allowing you to listen to it right on the computer.  You no longer have to go to the library or the bookstore to get your hard copy.  Audio books never get torn, wear with the age or get damaged by unforeseen problems as with paper books. Another advantage of audio is the entertainment and educational value for the visually impaired or senior citizens that have a hard time reading.

Oh, but wait …a good old fashioned paper book allows one to concentrate on the actual material that is being read. The written word holds your focus versus having your mind wandering while doing other chores. Details are absorbed and processed by the mind so that you are able to enjoy what you are reading all the more. According to Dr. Seema Joshi, “Reading is one of the best brain exercises available, there’s really no replacement for it”.

Books also allow the imagination to create as the word can take on its own personality. With audio, how do you know that the narrator isn’t giving his or her own slant on the interpretation of what the author is trying to say? When reading a book there is enjoyment for you to interpret what you are reading – not someone else.

In the end which one of these choices is going to be around the longest? Do you want to snuggle up in bed and let your imagination run wild…or do you want someone telling you with the influx of a voice on how you should feel….as you listen and drift off to sleep. Before you pick up that audio or paperback book ask yourself if you want to engage your brain or continue on the passive road of listening.

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One Response to Is the imagination taken away with audio books versus the good old paperback book?

  1. marisa2430 says:

    By: Marisa A. Gutierrez

    I love this article because it truly takes me back on the wants and goals that I have set forth for myself throughout these past years throughout my college experience. I have always wanted to be one of those intellectually inclined individuals that just adores to read paperback books and so forth. However, unfortunately, due to my hectic lifestyle and society in which I live in, I would have to say that I would love to let my mind wander as I love to multi-task in the background as I listen to an audio book.

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