Camera’s allowed in federal courtrooms

By: Carolina Velazquez

The long-going debate on whether cameras should be allowed in the courtroom has finally come to a rest. Well, sort of.

Although the Supreme Court highly protests the entry of cameras in their courtroom, cameras will now be permitted in certain hearings of federal court proceedings, temporarily.

The Judical Conference of the United States announced Tuesday the launch of a three-year long pilot project allowing cameras in federal courts, but only during the hearings of civil court cases.

The experimentation will be conducted in federal courts around the nation and will be able to show whether allowing cameras would restrict the defendant’s right to a fair trial.

The cameras will be operated by court personnel and the case must have consent from the parties involved with the trial. Evaluations of the experiment will be given after the first and second year of the project.

Allowing cameras in courtrooms does come with some disadvantages. Many would argue that people will not have privacy in the courtroom, especially when it comes to criminal cases. Not to mention many would find it a distraction.

There has been several court cases in the past that permitted cameras from entering. Everyone remembers the famous O.J. Simpson trial in which the criminal case became more like a spectacular due to the presence of television media. When it comes to cases the O.J. trial, one might understand why it has taken so long to allow cameras in courtrooms lastingly.

The project will not apply to the Supreme Court, which some might think is unfair seeing that many would like to see the high court in action
. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer made it clear in a interview with NBC that he has his doubts with the idea of having cameras in the courtroom.

Perhaps courtrooms aren’t ready for making a permanent room for cameras. However the project alone is a big step towards freedom of the press.

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