Who is CJ?

by: Ofelia N. Medina

Living in a world where everything is a click away and news becomes old a lot quicker than you can say youtube, many citizens are now taking it upon themselves to report the news by using the tools technology has to offer. Reporters and journalists are not always there to capture a big story as soon as it breaks. This is where citizen journalism comes into play. These are everyday people capturing news on the spot. When you have a camera at your fingertips and the web just a key away, then why not snap a couple pictures and post them? Is professional training necessary in order to deliver news? What is so wrong with delivering what you see to people on the web? There are many debates about whether citizen journalism should be taken seriously. Some media outlets and print outlets welcome citizen journalism and see it as a reliable source for obtaining news.

Some argue that simply because someone can upload a video or post comments describing an incident, does not make them a journalist. Others fear that as a society we are so focused on speed. We live in a world where we can access everything in such a small amount of time that we may want to receive news before it even occurs.  Technology has opened up the doors to new things and many changes, what is new today will be old tomorrow. Will this be the case for citizen journalism or will web blogs, social networks, and cell phones only broaden the fan base and acceptance of this emerging form of journalism for years to come?

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One Response to Who is CJ?

  1. Kay Gilbert says:

    We are living in exciting times no doubt, and thanks to the internet we are able to view news in different ways and I like that. I often get sick of the agendas being pushed by certain radio, television, and news stations. I think the competition will keep them on their toes.

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