YouTube Already a News Media, But a Source of income?

I’m sure you’ve seen the YouTube video David after Dentist, this drugged up 7 year old is filmed by his father after feeling loopy from the dentist. A pretty funny experience for his father to catch on camera but there is nothing spectacular going on here. There isn’t any production magic or ground breaking talent to be seen, yet this video has over 67 million views, that’s over 183 thousand views per day since its debut on YouTube a year ago. It’s safe to say this video has gone viral.

If you have ever posted something on YouTube you definitely want it to go viral. Because a little over 2 years ago YouTube extended it’s revenue sharing with anyone with a viral video.  YouTube is unclear about the exact amount they pay, but David after the Dentist has earned at least $150,000 so far. That’s pretty good cheese for a dentist trip.

Some quick tips from the experts about making a viral video:

1)      Great Content – the video has to worth watching and worth telling your friends about. Videos under 3 minutes seem to hold an audience attention best, and the norm for viral sensations is something out of the ordinary.  For example, Tom Dickson, founder of  a Utah blending manufacturer Blendtec (the video we watched in class) had over 5 million views the first week he put a Mcdonald’s happy meal and a bag of marbles in his Blendtec blender.

2)      Build a fan base– I would say this is the most difficult and rare thing to do for a video, but getting subscriptions to your pages earns more money and when you upload a new video each person subscribed gets notified, that’s an interested market  ready to watch your newest video. Also, with the following David after Dentist accrued, David’s dad made a website selling stickers and t-shirts, which has made them another $100,000 or so.

3)       Search Engine Optimazation– Tubers have to be able to find your video. (Yes, tubers is a word I just made up for people who spend too much time on you tube) Using key words as tags and in your title makes it easier for your video to be discovered. “You have to put in dedication and time,” says Aaron Zamost, spokesman for Google Inc.’s YouTube. “People don’t know how much work uploaders put into this stuff.” Video responses to popular videos is becoming a strategy tubers are using. They’ll piggy back off them, so after you are done watching David after Dentist you get to see Chuck after Divorce.

So, go out and post your best videos in hope for YouTube success and become the next individuals to earn over $100,000 a year for your YouTube videos. Here’s a list of the top 5 earning Tubers from July 2009 to July 2010 from yahoo.,%5Eixic,qqqq

             1. Shane Dawson – $315,000

Shane Dawson is so popular that he is three different YouTube channels. His most popular channel consists of his comedy skits and music video parodies.  Dawson created a second channel as a vlog and for a separate series called “Ask Shane,” and his third channel only has videos taken from his iPhone.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 431,787,450

2. The Annoying Orange – $288,000

The Annoying Orange is a comedy web series that takes place in a kitchen and is about talking fruit. Dane Boedigheimer is the mastermind behind the series and is also the voice of Orange.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 349,753,047

3. Philip DeFranco – $181,000

Philip DeFranco uploads a new video onto YouTube every Monday to Thursday for his show – The Philip DeFranco Show. His video blogging topics range from politics to pop culture.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 248,735,032

4. Ryan Higa – $151,000

Ryan Higa makes comedy skits and is a video blogger who turned into a viral star with his “How to be Gangster” and “How to be Ninja” videos.  Even though he doesn’t upload as many videos as his fellow YouTube celebrities, Higa is still the top dog at YouTube with over 2.6 million subscribers.
July 2009 – 2010 Views: 206,979,909

5. Fred – $146,000

Lucas Cruikshank plays “a lonely six year old named Fred” who uses his mom’s video camera and posts videos on a YouTube channel.  As the second most subscribed to YouTube channel, Lucas Cruikshank’s immensely popular Fred character even has a movie coming out backed by Nickelodeon.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 200,656,150 (,%5Eixic,qqqq)

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One Response to YouTube Already a News Media, But a Source of income?

  1. emilyrreno says:

    I love your information in this blog! I have always wondered if people with “channels” and “fans” on youtube actually made money! Very interesting facts you have on there and I can’t believe how much revenue people actually can make! PS: LOVE the David after dentist video, it’s hilarious!!

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