Facebook: The Twisted Effects People Don’t realize

Social networking websites have become increasingly popular in the past decade, some websites more so than others, Facebook being the highest in popularity. Facebook was started in 2005 by a former Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg, who wanted to find a way for students to connect from all over the world. The websites main audiences are high school and college students. However, the older population is becoming more and more interested in Facebook.  This was originally a way for students to socially interact between one another but has now turned into a major addiction.

Facebook is becoming a large problem in schools around the world. Most teachers will no longer allow laptops in class, in worry students will be on facebook. Studies have been done among college students on the relationship between Facebook and students GPA’s. Students who did not have a Facebook account had significantly higher grades than the students with an account. Students with Facebook also spend much less time studying for their classes. College campuses across the country have threatened to expell students who do not obey classroom rules. When has being linked into what everyone else is doing more important than an education?

This addiction has reached new heigths. Why is this generation so greatly affected? Well the technology now with laptops, Ipads, and “smart” phones allow people to access Facebook twenty four hours seven days a week. This is becoming a growing problem when people feel the need to be checking thier accounts every hour or sometimes even more frequently than that. A new phenomena is Facebooking while driving. New laws have been put into action to end the use of cell phones while driving. Is this facebooking problem going to require a specific law? At the current rate it may be so.

(Statistical Information can be found here: http://www.medindia.net/news/Lower-School-Grades-Linked-to-Facebook-Addiction-By-Psychologists-73721-1.htm)

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